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Spearheaded by front-man/composer Harlowe G., Miami’s Jean Jacket is a downtempo, indie electronic music project that is in no rush to simply get the party started, like countless others in the electronic music genre. Jean Jacket takes their time, takes the beats, and creates an atmosphere where the listener can slow down and process their emotions and reactions to the enticingly dark, but playful soundscape. Harlowe G. is joined by a rotating lineup of performers with whom he plays, including State Of’s Stephanie Taylor, Lauren Suarez and Million Young. He recorded the album at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles with producer Josh Berg (Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Miller, Tyga) in 2012 and after debuting the material live at Art Basel, The III Points Festival and an array of other live performances at home in Miami in 2013, Jean Jacket is finally ready to let the self titled album drop on Decades Records, so mark your calendars for March 25th and you won’t regret it.

Why We Dig Them: Jean Jacket leaves the ‘untz-untz’ beats and predictable EDM bass drops and build-ups at the door and focuses on drawing us into their sultry, passionate and thoughtful world — elevating our ears and bodies to another wave length. There’s no dumbing down of the sound and for that they get all the points.

Best Songs:
“Super Party Cups” sets the dark, mysterious tone of the album. The yearning and intensity of Harlowe’s vocals immediately trigger a dopamine release, leaving me shuddering in delight.

“She Wants the Sea” is a slightly more upbeat, synthwave track that boasts smooth-as-butter, r&b/pop vocals that had me tapping my foot and falling in love without even realizing it. Warning: side effects of listening to this track may include hip-shaking, body swaying and baby-making.

It’s easy to get lost in the synth swells, brassy notes and the simple groove of “Please.” The processed vocals are perfected to the point of pure aural pleasure.

Three Words to Describe Jean Jacket: Infectious — Wistful — Romantic

Upcoming Shows: Only Miami dates currently scheduled, stay tuned L.A.!

Words: Emily Saex

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