5 Reasons to Love Spring in Los Angeles

Yes, it’s kind of weird (and scary) that we really didn’t have a winter this past year in Southern California, but you know what, let’s look on the bright side, spring is officially here in Los Angeles, and you know what that means … flowers are blooming and so are the beautiful people of L.A. As the center of the sun passes directly over the Equator, today (March 20th) marks the official first day of spring. To celebrate the season, below are five reasons to love spring in L.A.

1. Sexy Skin

sexy skin photos

Angelinos are in full swing to get those bodies Coachella and beach-ready. With that said, as people focus on toning up any remnants of a winter coat, they’re not shy to show some skin. Sun-kissed limbs hide blemishes and radiate a healthy glow as L.A. girls begin to wear more dresses, skirts, crop-tops, and shorts — while the boys bust out their tanks and shorts. Get ready for that spring fever!

2. Patio Drinking

patio drinks

One of my favorite things about our perfect weather in Los Angeles, is that we get to enjoy outdoor patio drinks on any given day. We don’t have to deal with rain, awful humidity or cold winds that are as sharp as a knife while sipping on a brew outside. And with spring now officially here, we can enjoy 70-degree weather everyday until summer. Some of our favorite outdoor patio bars are La Poubelle (Franklin Village), Perch (Downtown L.A.), El Chavito (Silver Lake), and The Waffle (Hollywood — newly remodeled outdoor patio). So get out of your cave and get your patio drinking on!

3. Late Sunsets

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Of the many things I dislike about winter, I really hate that it swallows all of the day light. Well, we surely get back that day light during the best time of year (spring/summer) as the sun begins to set at 7 p.m.-ish and moving on eventually to 8 p.m.-ish. If you really hate being indoors as much as I do, get stoked on all the extra hours you’ll have for more outdoor activities such as hiking, running, cycling and going on motorcycle rides.

4. Pool & Beach Parties

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Up there next to Miami, Los Angeles has the best day time party scene, and spring is just a titillating teaser for all the summer fun to be had. Get ready for all the hip hotel pool parties at the Standard, Roosevelt, Mondrian, as well as those swanky Hollywood Hills pool soirees, backyard BBQ pool parties and of course, beach parties in Malibu. It goes full force during the summer, but the jump-off takes place in late spring.

5. BBQ and Picnics

los angeles picnics bbq spots locations

This is the time of year that East Hollywood hipsters congregate over the weekend for a fun day of music, food and drinks in the park. Some spots that we love to picnic and/or BBQ at are Silver Lake Meadow, Elysian Park, and Echo Park Lake. For those that want to BBQ and picnic just steps from the ocean, Thornhill Broome Beach in Malibu is the best spot. You can even camp overnight with your tent directly in the sand.

What do you love about spring in Los Angeles? Let us know in a comment below.


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