New Music Video: Brothertiger “In Mind”

All the way from Brooklyn (by way of Ohio), it looks like the dreamy synth pop outfit, Brothertiger has decided to record their official music video for “In Mind” in the gorgeous sunny lands and oceans of Malibu, CA. Can you blame them! Aside from being such a lovely and whimsical song, the video for “In Mind” is shot extremely well featuring sweeping aerial shots, scenic California coast lines and explosive cinematography, as well as L.A.’s the infamous model and hipster beachside hideout, Matador Beach. It’s an adorable video about love lost, but it still has that edge to it.

The video features a leather jacketed motorcycle rider cruising the scenic route of Malibu and the story then builds around this road warrior. In fact, I could have sworn I’ve seen that motorcyle rider in the first scene zipping around East Hollywood numerous times with that custom signature leather jacket of his. Good to see some familiar L.A. faces in this awesome video.

Check out Brothertiger’s new video for “In Mind” below.

Brothertiger | In Mind (Official Video) from Stockton Lane on Vimeo.

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