Arcade Fire leaves pretentiousness at door, rocks Coachella

Arcade Fire coachella photos

Last weekend during Arcade Fire’s set at Coachella, lead vocalist Win Butler got on his soapbox and denounced DJ sets and the VIP area at Coachella.

On the final night of weekend two, Arcade Fire and Butler left all of that at the door and humbly played a rockin’ set to help bring the 2014 festival to a close.

It isn’t to say they didn’t have their fun. The set began with an out of left field cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. This is interesting because Arcade Fire has commented on Daft Punk in the past and they were probably just trolling the crowd.

Later in the set, they brought out the real Beck, though he was donning Pope gear. Together they covered Prince’s “Controversy”.

It hardly ever gets better than Arcade Fire in terms of stage presence and production. The visuals that accompanied their set were stunning and Butler did a great job connecting with the crowd, at one point even jumping into it.

No matter what your mindset was at that point on the final day of the festival, Arcade Fire fulfilled desires. If your adrenaline was still going, you were able to jump up and down and take in their set in a very active way. If you were completely spent, you were able to find enough space far back to lie down and feel the bass through the ground as the rhythm pulsed through your brain.

In fact, some people were so entranced while laying down that I had my doubts they were alive. That is, until Arcade Fire concluded their set and people had to snap back to reality, the work week grind right around the corner. Arcade Fire provided that last bit of escape from real life in the grandest of ways—and that’s why they close so many music festivals.

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Words: Mark E. Ortega

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