Hot Band Alert: The Vitals — pure rock ‘n’ roll for your soul

the vitals live photos

As I stood in the dark at The Viper Room, ambient noise builds from behind the thick curtain draped across the stage, it begins to drown out the awaiting crowd then slowly starts to silence them; intentionally preparing them until their attention is drawn.
 A guitar starts to grind out a lurching bass note as the curtain begins to draw back.

The Vitals are Dylan Howard on drums, Henrik Linde on guitar and Kate Strand on guitar and vocals. They are a three-piece not through lack of options or for any superficial quirkiness, but purely for the reason that as a trio they best compliment and communicate with one another. And when they begin to communicate people stop and listen.

Having toured to-and-from SXSW last month, The Vitals offer everything a good band should. Great sounds and rhythm, texture, melody, interest — but above all — real songs and performance. Signed to Org, and with one record under their belts, The Vitals are starting to really come into their own.

I’m not going to taint this review with comparisons or define them with adjective laden prose, categorization or ponder possible influences. I feel this usually does the reader, potential listeners, and the band a disservice.
 It also allows me to dispense of the usual cliches and hype, and instead allow you to form your own opinion. I don’t like to be told what to think so I would assume you are the same.

If you want to hear them, stream them on Soundcloud or find them on itunes or Amazon. If you want to see them, look them up on YouTube or follow them on Instagram. But,if you really want to experience them, go and see them live.

The Vitals play the Silverlake Lounge on May 1st.

Review by Ben Porter

Photography: Ceethreedom

Check out the photos below of The Vitals at The Viper Room.

the vitals live photos

the vitals live photos

the vitals live photos

the vitals live photos

For more photos of The Vitals at The Viper Room, peep the photo gallery below.

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