Stream La Sera’s new album, Hour Of The Dawn

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Set for release via Hardly Art on May 13th, La Sera’s highly anticipated third album, Hour of the Dawn is now available for you to stream in full. Now that the lovely frontwoman, Katy Goodman has bid farewell to Vivian Girls, it’s time to celebrate the release of this new album. While La Sera’s self-titled debut album and sophomore album, Sees The Light  were both about heartbreak, Goodman is now writing for a brighter day. Hour of the Dawn delivers a faster, louder and more aggressive sound in the likes of The Pretenders, Minor Threat, X, The Smiths, The Cars  and more. While the record goes full-speed with punk riffs and heavier rock jangles, the album does not eliminate Goodman’s harmonious doo-wop sounds. You’ll still fall in love with her welcoming sweet voice while swaying side-to-side to her lulling melodies. 

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Hour of the Dawn is the perfect mix of vibrant punk and soaring ballads. It’s a great album to listen to endlessly this summer. Stream the album now.

La Sera has a record release show at the Echo this Thursday and we’re giving away tickets!


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