UPDATE: May 16 — Here’s the official FYF Fest 2014 lineup!

fyf fest 2014 lineup poster

It looks like FYF Fest 2014 will be at the LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park according to some very excited and investigative fans of the festival (see screenshots below). FYF had to relocate their annual weekend festival to a new location due to the renovations taking place at the L.A. State Historic Park. If the copy updates on their FAQ and information page (which were live this afternoon) are correct (and not a joke), then Exposition Park it is!

As previously reported, the lineup will now be announced by a radio station (KCRW 89.9) at 10 a.m., instead of the aforementioned “by May 15th date.” How do you feel about that?

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FYF 2014 at LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park? These kids say, fuck yeah!

fyf fest 2014 location

fyf fest la sports arena and exposition park

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