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Presented by Goldenvoice, the second annual First City Festival will be held this year on August 23 & 24 in Monterey, CA at the Monterey County Fair and Event Center. This year’s lineup is definitely a stellar one! Some of the featured acts include: Beck, The National, The Naked and Famous, Phantogram, Best Coast, Dawes, Cults, Cocorosie, Future Islands, Tokyo Police Club, Geographer, and many more! We handed out a pair of tickets last year, and lucky for you we’ll be giving away weekend passes to First City Festival this year as well! That means you and a friend can attend the entire weekend!

PHOTOS: Day One of Last Year’s First City Festival

First City Festival will be at the site of the iconic Monterey Pop Festival. Festival attendees will get to experience three live music performance stages plus a Vaudeville variety stage. A full carnival, complete with unlimited rides, and games will be available to guests. Curated dining options will include local craft beers as well as wine and food vendors. First City Festival, named after Monterey’s claim as the official “first capital” of California, promises a sophisticated musical line-up of 30+ bands in a relaxed and beautiful coastal setting.

PHOTOS: Day Two of Last Year’s First City Festival 

Two-day general admission and VIP Tickets are on sale now at GA tickets are priced at $159.50 and VIP are priced at $289.50. You can purchase your First City Festival tickets here, or enter our contest below to win a pair!


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52 thoughts on “Win Tickets to First City Festival 2014

  1. edlz87

    I would love to win tickets because I’m a broke college student looking for a little summer fun. Help a music lover out. Also, First City Festival is the weekend before my boyfriend’s birthday. I’d love to surprise him with tickets. Forever grateful if chosen. Thank you! Have a wonderful day. xoxo

  2. Renee Rivera

    I would love a chance to win tickets for this year’s First City Festival! I was able to go last year and it was the best experience. The lineup was fantastic, the crowds were great and the atmosphere was just perfect (loved the carnival rides and all of the delicious food!). Compared to other festivals, First City Festival was such a down-to-earth experience and just so relaxed and enjoyable (I never could have enjoyed sets from the comfort of a blanket under a tree AND still have a great view of the stage at Outside Lands!). I’d love to be able to see The National, Phantogram, Best Coast and Tokyo Police Club (among the many other amazing bands that are lined up to perform!) as I’m sure they’ll each deliver GREAT sets. Monterey isn’t a bad place for a music festival either. 😉 Submitting this with fingers crossed! (e-mail:

  3. Steffany P

    I would love to win these tickets because it would be my first music festival I would be attending, and it would be a great first festival to attend. I love going to concerts and the feeling of being at a concert is like no other. When you can literally feel the music flowing inside you, it’s the most magical experience, and you can’t get it anywhere else. If I’m chosen to win these tickets, I’ll definitely make sure to put them to good use! Definitely planning on seeing Best Coast, Geographer, and Lo-Fang if I go! Thank you for holding this giveaway!

  4. Danesa Lopez

    I really really love this lineup, I just finished watching OITNB and now i have nothing else to do with my life. Plus I’m moving to monterey in August & it would be so cool to attend a music festival in a city that I will be living in. I also love best coast and monterey is on the best coast cause we’re on the west coast. Its also gonna be the last weekend of summer and this would be way to end it. I also bought a coachella ticket last year to see the naked and famous but couldn’t go bc my car broke down and i was attending san jose state and it became too much money to fix the car and attend coachella, besides dropping money on the car i also lost money from not attending coachella the money i saved up all year, attending this music festival to see i could have seen at coachella would mean everything to me! much love, peace and good vibes

  5. Lucy

    Why I want to go: Because BECK, and I didn’t get to see his full set at Coachella. My friends and I planned to ride the ferris wheel on Sunday, during Lana del Rey’s set (heh). Instead of going straight to the ferris wheel queue, they wanted to grab food BEFORE lining up!! While they took forever to eat, I ditched my group temporarily to watch part of Beck’s set. A little later, they called me and told me to hurry up and come to the ferris wheel line. They even let other people go in front of them at the line, and bought a ticket for me! How could I say no?…even though I was already an asshole for ditching them. So I missed some of Beck’s set. Apparently I missed E-Pro. 🙁 I did catch Soldier Jane and a MJ cover, though. Definitely want to see more!

    I’d also like to see The National, Geographer, and Miniature Tigers! Such an eclectic lineup. Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  6. Angela Lopez

    I would love to go to FCF again this year, I had the time of my life last time! I went last year for the Sunday lineup and this year my friend and I wanna go for the weekend. Gotta see The National, Phantogram, Blind Pilot, Lake Street Dive, and Cults!!! <3

  7. Vanessa Hurtado

    I’d love to go to First City Festival! Monterey is such a beautiful place and I’ve never been here for a festival. It would be awesome to see Beck, Phantogram and Mr. Little Jeans (just to name a few)! And while I’m there, I’ll have to check out the sea otters at Monterrey Bay Aquarium.

  8. Gina Fant

    I would love to see The National, Naked and Famous, Puddles and …….wait….. did you say Future Islands?? Grimy Goods, you’re so awesome that my heart skips a beat !

  9. Anna

    I would love to attend this festival! I’ve never been to it before but it looks like fun. My favorite band, The National, will be headlining as well, so how can I resist! I don’t live in northern California nor have I been to Monterey either, so the experience will be completely new and refreshing to me!

  10. Jose

    I really wanted to go to the festival last year but I couldn’t. After reading the reviews and looking at the awesome pictures is last year I definetely want to go this year! My brother is moving up there for school in the fall and would like to take him to the festival. Would be so exciting to see Phantogram, Beck, The National, and the Naked and Famous, since I’ve missed their LA shows. I would also be excited to see Future Islands, I’ve been listening to their Singles’ CD a lot lately, it’s so good!!

  11. Eden Waldon

    I am a festival virgin and I want to be exposed. Raw, ripped and real with the best in the west. Beck is bitchin along with my all time favorite group, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Keep those good vibes rolling and keep it kitch!

  12. Samuel Nieto

    Dear Grimy Goods, thanks for doing this contest. Honestly, it always feels like these contests are hard to win but I have a good feeling about this one. So, fingers crossed. When I first heard about First City’s Festival line-up this year, I got pretty excited because The National AND Beck are headlining and a lot of other cool bands and artists are playing too. If I were to win, it’d make my year. I love these bands like Best Coast, Blind Pilot, Tokyo Police Club, and The National. Actually, The National’s “Trouble Will Find Me” is one of my favorite albums ever and The National is one of my true, favorite bands and I’ve never had the privilege to see them live. So, not only would it be special to see them up in Monterey (which I’ve never been too, sadly) but I would take my friend who lives up there that I only get to see once a year (who’s also crazy about The National). But also, I’ve never really been to these sorts of festivals because money’s always been tight so, it’d be pretty sweet to win. It’d make me and my friend’s summer. I swear I’ll take lots of pictures and blog about it and tell my kids, if I ever have any, about it someday because it sounds really exciting. Thanks, Grimy Goods.

  13. Felix Montoya

    It would be a real treat to win these passes! Being that it takes place on my birthday week! I’d also do anything to be able to witness Matt move the crowd with The National. They’re one of my all time favorite bands! Also who wouldn’t want to see Beck?

  14. Kate winters

    Hey I would LOVE to go the first city festival because I’ve haven’t been to many concerts let alone festivals….it would be a spectacular first for me. I adore all bands such as beck, phantogram, cults, Tokyo police club, the naked and the famous, unknown mortal orchestra. Monterey is my home, and I can’t believe all these bands are coming to my back yard! I’m going to be a college student soon, (I will be broke) so this festival let me go out with a bang. Pleas please please!!!!! Let me win! It would truely mean the world to me. Thank you for listening~

  15. Sammi Tuttle

    Love seeing my favorite bands in my home town! Spend lots of time at the fairgrounds and it’s amazing to be there with such an amazing line up. Best Coast and The National are some of my favorites! NEED to win because I’m a broke high school student! 🙂

  16. Megan Saechao

    It would be great if I got to go this fest! It’s very, very sweet. like a pie or a pineapple on a pizza which can be enjoyable sometimes. anyway, miniature tigers are a killer band live and i can’t make it to there show at the rickshaw stop in july so I HAVE to make it to this fest! plus loads of amazing bands are playing as well! Sleepy Sun, The National, Beck, CocoRosie etc.!!!

  17. Julie Amsden

    This festival sounds awesome and I love Monterey! I would love to see The National, Beck, Best Coast, the Naked and Famous, Phantogram, and Blind Pilot is one of my favorite bands! Please pick me!

  18. jessica

    I am hoping to win tickets for first city fest because the trip alone is pricey. I need to be at this festival because I am too old for huge, scalped, electronic wrist band, agro festivals. I want to experience this boutique festival in its second year before it blows up and has to move to a huge venue, or two weekends…

  19. Kathy Nguyen

    This is gonna be my first time going to First city & I heard how fun it was from all my friends going previous years. The lineup especially was what sold me, & for me to pick one band was hard bc I really like majority of them ( which is another great reason you should pick me ;))

  20. Jason Y.

    i would LOVE to attend First City Festival for many reasons. It’s taking place in Monterey, just times from where I live! At the historical event center where Janis Joplin, The Mamas and The Papas & The Who all took the stage in ’67 kicking off the summer of love. This years First City’s line up is just as amazing as last years, if i win these tickets i’d be super stoked for Beck, Cults, Blind Pilot, The Naked and Famous, and Lake Street Drive! Attending this festival would be the absolute best way to end the summer!! 🙂

  21. Laura Davis

    I want to go to First City Festival because, well, let’s face it…it’s on SACRED GROUNDS. I mean, this is the place that Jimi Hendrix sacrificed his guitar, where Janis Joplin sang her unforgettable performance of Ball and Chain, and where the Who shocked the audience with their destructive stage performance. First City Festival creates the feel of what music festivals were made for. I would love to see Beck, The National, Lake Street Dive, Best Coast, Dawes, The Men, and Doe Eye. I’ve been waiting way too long for a chance to see Best Coast. Life is just better at a music festival. Especially somewhere that has has such gnarly history.

  22. Pat Moan

    Hey Grimy Goods,

    Well, let me start off by saying that you guys are awesome for giving out tickets. I have never been to First City Festival, but with a lineup this good it’s hard to resist. Chilin’ out in a huge park area with nice people and great music. Sounds like the perfect way to end an equally great summer. I can’t wait to see The National and Phantogram, but Beck takes the cake on this one… His new album was made for a festival like this, and his old hits are incomparable. Would be sooo stoked to win these tickets!

    Thanks again dudes!

  23. Sam Elmi

    I have been a loser for six months. I want to start seaing change in my lifestyle, and what better way than to take a mellow road trip up to gamma-rey.

  24. Chad

    The Grimy is always hooking up cool contests! Phantogram, Cults and the Lonely Wild are among my favorites! Would love to spend the weekend w/ them all! thanks!

  25. Jackie Andruscavage

    What an amazing lineup. The music festivals this year are superb! This one especially. I would kill to see Beck and Phantogram. Free rides are definitely a plus as well. This would be a fun little road trip from LA and I would get to spend an amazing weekend in such an enviornment with people just enjoying each other and good music!

  26. Clare Healy

    How could you beat a music festival with unlimited carnival rides and bacon wrapped corn dogs?! Most pumped to see Cool Ghouls, Future Islands and the National (but seriously – excited to see almost the entire lineup). This was one of the most fun festivals last year and hoping to make it happen again this time around!

  27. bredgur

    We want to see Beck, The Naked and Famous, Phantogram, Best Coast, Dawes, Cults, Tokyo Police Club, Mr. Little Jeans, and pretty much everyone! This would definitely be the highlight of our year if we could win! And we have friends who live nearby that we could visit. A win win to a fun little getaway.

  28. Melissa

    I’d love to win tickets after being scammed out of Coachella tickets this year, I can’t afford to get tickets to see the naked and famous and THE NATIONAL! They’re my favorite.

  29. Vanessa Garcia

    I really want to win tickets to First City because I was going to buy my own but then I got an email that my place of work is going out of business :/
    I’m also having to sell my pass to another festival, which is crappy and I’m totally bummed about it. Being an adult sucks, but going to awesome festivals like First City really helps make it not suck all that much! I really want to see Phantogram because Sarah Barthel is Sexy!

  30. Melissa

    Seeing Cocorosie would be so awesome, not to mention the rest of the bands that will be there. This festival seems like a fun experience and I’d love to have the chance to go!

  31. Fallon

    Why because it’s a carnival FOR GROWN UPS and the rides are free?!?! And because of beck, phantogram, how to dress well, quilts, Dawes, mr little jeans, the mutha fucking national, midlake, Blind pilot.

  32. Sandra

    I’d love the chance to spend a weekend with beautiful people in beautiful Monterey listening to beautiful music! And I’m particularly lookin’ forward to The Naked and Famous + Phantogram :0)

  33. Warren

    Because live music is a religious experience. Cocorosie for starters…Best Coast…

  34. Alexa T.

    Tokyo Police and Geographer are a radical combination, it would be great to see them!

  35. Carlos Caro

    I would want to go as I haven’t been to festival all year and that needs some changing. I’d want to check out Beck, Best Coast, and Cults

  36. Rose

    Last year I want to the inaugural First City Festival with my boyfriend, his sister and her partner from Oakland. It was the first of many, first First City Festival, my first time in Monterey, my first time meeting my man’s sister, my first music festival and our first long trip together. It was AMAZING! We weren’t planning on going back this year as we live in North Carolina even though we’d both love to see Phantogram (seeing them in Carrboro this past year wasn’t enough!) and so many other bands. BUT if we won these tickets it would be a dream come true and year two of an amazing tradition. Crossing my fingers!

  37. Nancy Motherway

    I would love to attend the First City festival to see Beck, The Naked and Famous, Phantogram, Best Coast and Blind Pilot the most. And because Monterrey is so lovely in the summertime too.

  38. Evelyn

    I just discovered future Islands a couple months ago through grimy goods and I would love nothing more than to see them live. This blog has seriously introduced me to so much quality music. Music I would have never known of.

  39. Amy

    This festival would be an absolute dream for me, as I’ve never seen any of these bands live but have been listening to them for years (CocoRosie, Beck, Tokyo Police Club). I love the mix of the new (Cults, Best Coast) and the old (The National, Beck). Given the beautiful location, this would be THE way to kick off my summer!!!

  40. Garrett b

    Would live to be able to take my girl out of town for a little getaway (she freakin deserves it) while getting to see and hear some awesome music. The National will always bestow my heart but I also look forward to Beck and Tokyo Police Club. Thanks again for another Grimy opportunity!

  41. Martin Cisneros

    I would really love a pair of tickets to this festival because I was unable to purchase FYF tickets and am pretty bummed out about it. But this festival, being on the same day as FYF, would be a really great way to get over it. Plus, the lineup seems really good! I’m a huge fan of Cults, Phantogram, Best Coast, and of course the Naked and Famous and seeing them live would mean a lot and be a total blast!!! Thank you 🙂

  42. Krystle

    I just want an excuse to take time off from my shitty job tbh. I want to see Beck!

  43. Phoebe Smolin

    Basically, everything about this festival is home to me. Dawes’ ‘Time Spent in Los Angeles’ song made me feel both at home and okay far away from it when I was living in New York, Speedy Ortiz is from my adopted Western Mass home where I lived for 5 years and probably drunkenly mumbled some embarrassing things to them in a basement a few times. Lake Street DIve sings me awake and asleep most days, Beck and Best Coast sound like the the angsty confusing Los Angeles i love so dearly. It’s just too good.

  44. Ivet

    I really would love a pair of tickets to this fest because it would be my first Festival in Cali since I moved from the south 10 months ago! And it would be a good 1yr anniversary of being a Californian gift for mua!

    I would love to see Beck, and The National (because they are my favorite band!!!!! ;_____________________;), Phantogram, Cults, Cocorosie, and hopefully catch some of the other bands that I don’t know but hopefully enjoy something new!

  45. Justin Cornwall

    I would LOVE to check out this festival. It’s been a rough couple months and a getaway to check out some amazing music with my girlfriend would be great. I’ve also never seen The National, who are one of my favorite bands. And we’d be able to visit friends in Monterey!

  46. Trevor Smith

    I’d love to take my wife to the festival. She’s never been to Monterey and Beck and Dawes are two of here favorite bands!

  47. Alissa whelan

    I recently moved from Asheville nc to california and I am homesick. Nothing could help that homesick feeling like a great festival in a beautiful city. Dawes, lake street dive, beck… Oh yes. Please and thank you : )

  48. Megan Lindenberg

    In need of some good live music. A weekend of musical fulfillment is ideal! Looking forward to Phantogram and Tokyo Police Club!

    Please and Thank you!!

  49. Nicholas fermin

    I need to go!!! First off… I love Monterey, second… I really want to see the National!!!! I need to see the National! Beck and Phantogram, tokyo police club, best coast… I want thisb

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