Hot New Band Alert: Candide – modern electro influenced by the sounds of Berlin’s EDM scene


Everyone is always encouraging everyone else to travel, to get out of our little boxes and cultivate ourselves. The experiences that come toward us from then on define us and for the Brooklyn-based band, Candide, that’s exactly what has defined them. After an extended trip to the great city of Berlin, Candice Strongwater and Adam Brodsky were greatly exposed to Berlin’s electronic music scene and its wonderful arts community, that it sparked the intuition to create their own take on the genre.

During their stay, Candide had already begun constructing songs for their first EP on top of a ferry while on their way to Copenhagen. Upon returning from their trip two summers ago, Strongwater and Brodsky joined with their friend Gabi Wurzel to collaborate with them as a drummer. Their EP titled Don’t You Go, is a compilation of disco inspired songs that blend both new aspects of EDM with a bit of flavor from New York and of course, Berlin.

Best Songs:

Scaredy Cat” – Right off the bat, the band’s single off their EP starts with bass pounding drums that makes your internal ear chambers vibrate throughout. The background synthesizers sound amazing from how they tend to fade in-and-out. The band also makes a great transcendence from eerie sounds to laser guns.

Work Hard” – My favorite song off the EP because it just gets me in the mood to well, work hard. Play this when working out or even studying for finals (for nerds like myself).  At the three-minute mark, Brodsky whispers “I won’t let you go”, and breaks out into a dance frenzy. That’s the part where you lose your shit.

BIT” – Cool echoing synthesizers, disco grooves, and a hip swaying bass, what more could you ask for?

Interesting Tidbit: Although some may think that the band is named after the French satire Candide, it’s not. Candide is Candice Strongwater’s nickname. Also, the band is already working on their second album! Excuse me, are almost finished with their second album.

Three Words to Describe Candide: Groovy — Textured — Adrenaline-inducing

Upcoming Shows:
Currently, there is only one show Candide have scheduled on the east coast but we hope to see them in L.A. and its surrounding cities very soon.

Don’t You Go is set to be released next on June 24 via Zappruder Records.

Words: Brissa Sanchez



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