Watch Chelsea Wolfe’s new video for “Lone,” directed by Mark Pellington


Chelsea Wolfe has released a beautifully sullen new video for “Lone”. The song comes from her powerful album, Pain is Beauty and features an extremely gothed-out Wolfe roaming around what looks like an abandoned desert home where memories of a horrible memory seem to take her emotions over. The video comes from Wolfe’s recent collaborative film, Lone with Mark Pellington. What began as an idea for a nine minute short film extended into what is now just under an hour-long piece, with Pellington fleshing out the concept surrounding Chelsea’s lyrics and music. You can purchase the Lone film via a badass custom USB or digitally via iTunes.

Watch Chelsea Wolfe “Lone” from the film “Lone” by Mark Pellington

Watch “The Waves Have Come” Video (dir. Mark Pellington)

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