Win tickets to a private Little Dragon performance at Sonos Studio

Little Dragon photos el rey

Sonos Studio and KCRW are hosting a special live performance by the always awesome, Little Dragon! The special performance takes place on Monday, August 25th from 7-10 p.m. and it’s an invite-only private show (MUST BE 21+). Lucky for you we have your hot tickets into this coveted performance. Little Dragon just released their new record, Nabuma Rubberband on May 13th via Loma Vista Recordings. The band will play songs from their new album, as well as take part in a Q&A discussion with KCRW DJ Jason Bentley. The performance and discussion will be recorded and aired on Morning Becomes Eclectic on September 10th.

So, we have one pair of tickets to give away to Little Dragon at Sonos Studio. For those of you who don’t get into the show, you can catch the live stream through the TuneIn Channel on your Sonos system, TuneIn App, or on

Little Dragon will perform at FYF Fest this Saturday.




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Little Dragon – Paris (Official Video)

Little Dragon – Pretty Girls

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47 thoughts on “Win tickets to a private Little Dragon performance at Sonos Studio

  1. A tim

    Haha because I drove to coachella with no tix on a sunday to sneak in and catch them (includin others of course). After hopping some fences and running from security i caught the end of their last song.

    And for once, I’d like to be in an intimate show where people dont hold their phones up 80% of the time and just enjoy the fucking performance.

    Either way, peace, love and all that jazz. Thanks Grimy Goods n Scenester for killin it with info for years. Good luck everyone.

  2. photaug

    Because when they said RSVP was full, I openly wept in my dismal gray cubicle. Even the pregnant lady thought I was crazy.

  3. Armando Mendez

    i missed little dragon at coachella this year because i had to help a friend in need! :/

  4. Anyssa

    I’ve always wanted to see Little Dragon live but have always missed shows in the past and will have to miss them at fyf this year as well. I wanna sing and dance to them at least once while they’re in town! 😉

  5. Lynn Yang

    my favorite band, i was listening to them at home, my 70yr old chinese mom says “hey what are you listening to…”, me “little dragon”, mom “oooh I like them” and starts tapping her feet. This is the appeal of good muaic, it crosses age, color, and cultural lines. little dragon’s sound is beautifully layered, gorgeous melodies, play sounds. I would love to see them in a small space.

  6. Monica Hernandez

    The reason I went and paid $400 for Coachella was to see Little Dragon! I waited in the sweaty heat just to get a semi-decent view of them performing and I would love nothing more if I could just see them in a cool intimate setting such as Sonos Studios. Please, Grimy Goods make this happen for me!

  7. michelle

    oh man, i think im gonna cry because i want this so bad. SOOOO BAD. I’d kill to see little dragon, since ive never actually seen them! ive missed out ON EVERY SHOW, even their first one at the roxy. Theyre such an easter egg because they rarely do shows in socal now. so please, PICK ME!!!

  8. Monica Won

    I’m so excited that you’re having this event!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Little Dragon! I’ve been listening to them for the past few years and would be so excited (between my sobbing and tears) to see them live!! I’m already in the process of hand making the crown from Constant Surprises to wear at FYF. Please Please Please pick me!! It would make my year and these personal experiences really make life so meaningful and full of adventure!

  9. edward morales

    My birthday is tomorrow and I love little dragon! This would absolutely make my 35th year of life super special! Thank you!!!

  10. Karen Thai

    GrimyGoods! I cannot explain how much these tickets would mean to me except that : I would quite literally radiate Sunshine, ride in a Runabout like a Feather through the Nightlight as a Ritual Union with my Little Man. I would go through any Test and Scribbled Paper. I would Shuffle A Dream to find a Pink Cloud with Blinking Pigs. I would Klapp Klapp Twice as loud as all the Pretty Girls to see Little Dragon at Sonos Studio on Monday! It would mean that much!

  11. tesia kuh

    Little Dragon is MONEY. I listen to their pandora station to set the mood for a chill day
    If I got the email on August 22, it would make my birthday exponentially awesome-r!
    I would have totally seen them if they were at FYF last year!

  12. Vera Paras

    I’ve been following Little Dragon since their first show in LA at the Roxy. Since then, every other time I try to go to see them it’s been waaaaay too crowded, making it really hard to concentrate on the music. If I win, it would finally give me a chance to enjoy the band the right way.

  13. Brenna CC

    Earlier this year, my best friend asked if I wanted to join her at Pappy & Harriet’s to see a little band called Little Dragon. Everyday after that for at least two months, I listened to their albums on Spotify over and over again (probably giving them some serious royalty dough!) Sure, I had heard a few songs on the radio, and had a few remixes downloaded from older albums, but listening to the albums in full was a whole-nutha-level of audible mastery. Yukimi’s voice is something of sirens and I’ve developed the ability to impersonate her style, but of course will never be the same. I’ve cried to their music, I’ve fallen asleep to their music, I’ve had sex to their music, I’ve dreamt of their music.

    Suffice it to say, the Pappy & Harriet’s show was sold out, so I am entering this contest to thank my best friend for directing my ears towards the magic that is Little Dragon.

  14. Josephine Lazaro

    So basically, i am the BIGGEST Little Dragon fan and i’m so sad that i cannot attend FYF. I was hoping they would have a concert here in LA but they’re only doing FYF. 🙁 And i totally missed out on their free show recently when they released Nabuma Rubberband. I am so inlove with their new album that i listen to it almost everyday, all that needs to happen is to see them perform it live! 😉 *wink wink* This would be the greatest to just end my summer with a private live concert from LITTLE freakin DRAGON. It would be an ecstatic feeling to win these tickets and i would love you guys FOREVER. So, puhleaseeeee pick me! 🙂

    P.S. you guys are my favorite music blog website… just sayin 😉

  15. Manuel Ancheta

    I need to see Little Dragon! I gave up my FYF tickets because I have finals on Saturday… Check my schedule… I go to West Coast University… Finals on a Saturday??!?!?

  16. Tanya Iraheta

    I LOVE Little Dragon. Nabuma Ruberband might be my favorite album off all time. I’ve been listening to it everyday at least twice a day since its release. I own it on vinyl & CD & still bought it on itunes 🙂 I drove from the valley to see them at Pappy & Harriet’s in Pionertown (2.5 hour drive) & that show was pure magic. I’ve been too lots of shows & that one ranks in my top 3. A few months ago I entered their Nabuma Derby contest & unfortunately didn’t win the grand prize, but was their Honarable Mention #1 😀 check for yourself

  17. Gemma Jimenez

    I have been trying to see Little Dragon so many times but I have been having the worst of luck lately but it seems like many have too. Anyways, here I am again hoping for the best.

  18. carlos cuauhtémoc aguas-pinzón

    pick me because i am a genuine fan and would really appreciate seeing true artists is a great space.

  19. Rozania

    OM FUCKING G. Pleas pick me! The only reason I wanted to go to FYF was to see Little Dragon. And I have no tickets to FYF. 🙁

  20. Chris Chavez

    Well, why not me? That’s all. Simple and to the point. Love Little Dragon… That’s all

  21. Kathrine Bryan

    I would LOVE to see Little Dragon at Sonos Studio! Seeing them in such an intimate setting after FYF would be icing on the cake!

  22. Vanessa Hurtado

    A private Little Dragon show?!! This is too good to be true! You should pick me to so that I can tell everyone you weren’t lying. Also because I’ve been listening to Nabuma Rubberband pretty much non-stop since it came out. You ROCK Grimy Goods!!

  23. Audrey

    You should give me these tickets because not only do I donate monthly to KCRW and crush on Jason Bentley, a while back Spotify sent me a weird email of congratulations and achievement for being in the top 10% of Little Dragon listeners, I guess according to their algorithms and spying. Nonetheless, I am a huge Little Dragon fan.

  24. Frank Mojica

    I would love to see Little Dragon at Sonos Studio because I had tickets to see them at the Roxy, The Avalon, Echoplex and Natural History Museum and ended up out of town for ALL of them. They seem to only do festival shows now in Southern California, so one last intimate set at Sonos would make unbelievably happy.

  25. Pat

    Hey Grimy Goods! Little Dragon is great, like really, they’re super cool. But I think the real reason we all want to go to this shindig is in the hopes that taking a trip to the Sonos Studio is kind of like visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. There’s no way I’m walking out of that place with some mad Sonos gear to deck my place out in. After party at my place! Someone send the invite out to Little Dragon!

  26. Joseph

    I would love to see Little Dragon; I’m having to sell my FYF ticket because I have to work 🙁

  27. Anthony

    Oh my god please give me this, my best friend and I would just love to attend this!! I’ve entered a bunch of GG contests and never won 🙁 to win this one would be awesome!

  28. Jessica Vela

    Hey Grimy Goods! Choose me cause i lurve music and prefer small and intimate(when it comes to music shows) compared to large sweaty crowds. Porfis!

  29. Tony

    This would be a chance of a lifetime to see my favorite band live and in an intimate setting. This would be an unbelievable experience I would love to share with my wife. A memory we will cherish for a lifetime.

  30. Andrea

    Can we just talk about how AMAZING they all dress?? And her voice is just to die for. Please pick me! I’ve been a fan since the very beginning and I NEED to see them!!

  31. Tanya

    It would be so great to celebrate my 1st year anniversary with my honey listening to our FAVORITE band! This would just be THE BEST gift I can give 😀

    Thank you!!

  32. Michelle


  33. Kristen

    This would be amazing! I have a good friend that I know would love to be surprised and see Little Dragon in this kind of setting. It would mean a lot for us to go!

  34. Joanne

    Please choose me! Little Dragon is amazing. Their energy would be so awesome to see live. I love Yukimi!

  35. Ryan McDonald

    O boy! Private Little Dragon performance! Well, I missed them at Treasure Island Music Festival last year due to an unforeseen incident involving a frat boy and what I’ll say was a bad reaction to some “feel good stuff.” Needless to say I needed to go home and clean up. I think a private Little Dragon performance with a Jason Bentley chaser is the cure! How about it Grimy Goods?

  36. Shelly

    I’ve loved Little Dragon since the very beginning and I’ve missed them EVERY SINGLE TIME! I even went to their comic book event and I was 10 people away from being let in. PLEASE! ID LOVE TO SEE THEM OFFICIALLY!

  37. Dale

    This is awesome! My girlfriend is the biggest Little Dragon fan in the world. She would go crazy she got to see them!!!! Send us pleeease!

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