No, it’s not Peter Fonda, it’s Action Bronson! Seen cruising on a chopper, “into the sunset” on a lone desert road with the wind blowing through his hospital gown, Action Bronson delivers his new video for “Easy Rider.” The video is fuckin’ hilarious to say the least and features the Flushing, Queens rapper on a mission for his guitar … “into the sunset, ride the Harley into the sunset.” During his journey he encounters hot Latinas with acid, cops, bar brawls and a lot more entertaining “action”.

Regardless of how awesome and hilarious this video is, you can’t deny how tight those beats, flows and guitar chords are in Action Bronson’s “Easy Rider.”

“Easy Rider” is the first single from Action Bronson’s forthcoming VICE / Atlantic LP Mr. Wonderful set for release in the fall 2014.