Pimps of Joytime and Chantal Claret get fans at the Satellite dancing to infectious grooves

With a touch of blues, funk and good ole rock ‘n’ roll, The Satellite hosted a night of great talent having the Brooklyn based band Pimps of Joytime fill the space with their infectious range of musical influences. Making the crowd shake and sweat, the pimps were all about making everybody wear out their dance shoes. As a special treat, the lovely Chantal Claret opened the night with her fresh 2014-1960’s sounds. Her energy, vocals, attitude and the talented back up singers overtook the crowd providing the night with an extra pinch of sexy. Definitely a great combo for a night of dancing.

Photos & Review:  Farah Sosa

Pimps of Joytime

Pimps of Joytime photosPimps of Joytime photosPimps of Joytime photos

Chantal Claret
Chantal Claret photosChantal Claret photos


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