King Khan & BBQ Show drip a rock ‘n’ roll sex sauce all over the El Rey Theatre

king khan bbq show

UPDATE: There are no photos of BBQ (Mark Sultan) because our photographer nearly got trampled to death after being pulled by her hair into the pit, chunks flying out and just about had her camera broken. She bailed asap! There was surprisingly no photo pit at this show. 

Arish Ahmad Khan (King Khan) is one of the most unlikely sex symbols in the history of insemination and rock ‘n’ roll. Rarely does someone come along who drips charisma and oozes sexuality more than Khan with such an aesthetic disadvantage. One might boil it down simply to his incredible musical talent and commanding live performances but it’s more than that. Some people just have “it” and Khan, aka Blacksnake has more of “it” than anyone I’ve ever seen. His performance wardrobe, which consistently features a naked Khan, sporting only his signature underwear with it’s bedazzled crotchal region, a fat naked belly and a multitude of flamboyant head dresses is a testament of the power of confidence. He is the antithesis of the lily white pretty boys who typically yield a collection of panties thrown at them on stage, but everytime I’ve seen Khan, whether it was with King Khan and The Shrines or last night as King Khan and BBQ Show, there are platoons of women willing to spread their legs and toss aside their dignity to get a piece of Khan and company.

Last night at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, King Khan and the BBQ Show graced the stage to deliver one of the most high energy, highly entertaining shows I’ve seen in quite some time. Khan and BBQ (Mark Sultan) with their punk / doo-whop vibes project images of The Ramones and Sha Na Na. They have a huge sound that is generated by two guitars, two vocals and a kick drum powered by Sultan that you could set a clock to. Vocally, Sultan’s voice reminds me of a less satanic version of Misfits era, Glenn Danzig while Khan conjures Raymond Edwards of The Silhouettes with his deep bass register and skipping scat-like phrasing. They worked up one of the most energetic audiences I’ve ever seen at the El Rey and that’s no easy task on a Tuesday night in L.A.


Also on the bill were Isaac Rother and the Phantoms; an extremely complimentary act of psychedelic funk. Their live show is complete with choreography and musical arrangements for every occasion. They even have an arrangement of music just to sell their merch. With their 70’s style swinger swag and gold medallion clad wardrobes, these white boys and girl could create a dance party deep in the heart of Motown and win over any crowd at the Apollo Theater.

It was a great Tuesday night on the strip known as the Miracle Mile in Los Angeles. King Khan and BBQ Show are a rare treat that I hope become less scarce in the years to come. I really look forward to seeing what Khan’s career looks like over the coming decades. I foresee a compelling catalog of music and a trail of dead to follow every live show he plays.

Words: Danny Baraz

Photography: Lindsay Rodriguez

King Khan & BBQ Show

king khan bbq show photos

king khan bbq show photos

Isaac Rother & The Phantoms

Isaac Rother & The Phantoms

Isaac Rother & The Phantoms


Want more photos? Check out the photo gallery below!

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13 thoughts on “King Khan & BBQ Show drip a rock ‘n’ roll sex sauce all over the El Rey Theatre

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  2. Rock Photographer

    Must be blind. Missed the injury. What was that again ?
    “Almost trampled to death” c’mon this is clearly tongue in cheek. If not … then
    again where’s the photos ? I want to see those post hardcore wrestling hit by a table bloody pictures ?

  3. Ryan

    This so called ROCK PHOTOGRAPHER must be a real idiot or just plain blind. How does “photographers not capturing the action because the action was getting in the way” correlate to a photographer being injured? The show was a heap of fun. I’ve also done my searching for photos on this show and couldn’t find any but a crappy review from LA Record. Photos were okay, but nothing to brag about. Just another so called ROCK PHOTOGRAPHER ….

  4. Rock Photographer

    The people with the zoom lenses are called photographers.
    You being “OK” with photographers not capturing the action because the action was getting in the way means nothing to the viewers of the pictures.

  5. Sandy Post author

    Hey “Rock Photographer”, why would our photographer bring a long (zoom) lens at a venue we cover shows at every week and there’s almost always a photo pit where you’re in arm’s length from the talent? We have a name for those kind of photogs… Not to mention, she was in pain. Maybe there weren’t any “inspiring” photos after getting pummeled in the first 30 seconds of her shoot? Duh … As the post mentions “being pulled by her hair into the pit, chunks flying out and just about had her camera broken”. I own and run this site and I’m totally okay with any of my photographers bailing when their body and / or camera is in jeopardy. Thanks for your inspiring input, “Rock Photographer”.

  6. Rock Photographer

    Shouldn’t a “photographer” have a long (zoom) lens. Also the sides of a concert stage are good places to get close without injury. Most people do respect at these shows.
    Sadly the pictures for me are uninspiring anyways and really don’t capture anything –

  7. Danny Baraz

    Mark. I’ve never seen such a negative reaction to such a positive review. This is becoming an Art Garfunkel type of reaction. Not sure how a paragraph about Khan takes anything away from my second paragraph about how rad you and your band are. No matter how much you cry and bitch about you guys actually being a “band”, it won’t change the fact that I covered you as such. I wish we could go back in time and prevent our photographer from being hurt so as to protect your delicate sensibilities and deliver a more complete review but rather than ask how bad her injuries are, you continue to hammer home that you seem to be experiencing a reaction to Khan’s individual popularity.

    I offered a sincere interest to interview you individually or with Khan, not to placate you but to show you that we have a genuine interest in what YOU do and how much we love your BAND but you seem to want to carry this on and play some type of victim role. Sane people make lousy rockers so… rock on my brother. All this notwithstanding, I can’t wait to see you next time you are in town. I can love your music, even if you don’t like me or my style.

  8. mark sultan

    i don’t really understand why i am a ‘diva’ for hoping a ‘journalist’ would watch and listen to a band as a band. insult me all you want, but i gave my all, as i do every show. as does khan. and the band relies on the both of us as a unit to make the music we make, which you purport to enjoy. this isn’t ego. or me wanting to be in photos. this is a two person band, easy to frame into a photo, so simple you can hear both members’ personalities. the band wouldn’t exist without me and conversely without khan. we are a band. hate me or love me, i don’t care. i just want my band to deliver you rock’n’roll and energy that makes you feel something.

  9. Danny Baraz

    Thanks Jessy! Follow me on Twitter y’all! I late to the party on the Twitter and need all the help I can get! lol. Thanks for the support @dannybaraz

  10. Jessy

    Sooooo much fun! I too saw the Tweets. LoL. I don’t know why BBQ was so fussy. The review totally talks about him! And it’s funny. No photos of him sucks tho. But so does a broken camera and getting your hair pulled.

  11. Danny Baraz

    Thanks brother Mike! I honestly don’t know how I could’ve been more complimentary!!! I compared the dude to a less satanic version of Misfits era Glenn Danzig!!! Quitcher bitchin and take the compliment fucker! I enjoy the attention though 🙂

  12. Mike M.

    This show was insane! I had a wild time. BTW – saw your Twitter beef with Mark Sultan. Not sure what he’s crying about because I thought the review was awesome and totally entertaining. Love this band and love both Khan and BBQ. Mark, you rule! Don’t be diva

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