Hot Band Alert: Flames of Durga — like two maenads taking part in a rite of delirium

Flames of Durga

Like two maenads taking part in a rite of delirium, twin sisters Beah and Cecilia Romero of the new East Los Angeles band, Flames Of Durga sure know how to put on an impressive rock show. Not only do these fierce brunettes deliver those early female punk vibes (think Babes In Toyland and Bikini Kill), but they’re quite easy on the eyes. Without a care of their sweaty bodies and matted hair, the ladies of Flamed Of Durga will get on the floor in the style of early Iggy Pop, letting out gut-wrenching howls as they immerse themselves into their punk madness. Oh, and did we mention they have a very kick-ass male drummer? Paul Smedile will surely be a favorite for the female fans. Dude kind of drums with his shirt off and gets all glisteny and stuff as he pounds away at the skins (see photo below).

Formed in 2013, Flames of Durga have played shows at smaller venues such as Los Globos, Silverlake Lounge, Tribal Cafe, art galleries and skate shops — and most recently last night at Ham and Eggs Tavern in downtown Los Angeles. The band just recorded their first tracks, “Walking Corruption” and “Rabbit Hole”. You can stream both of the tracks below.

Our photographer Wes Marsala caught Flames of Durga at the Silverlake Lounge last Friday and they rocked the fuck out of that little room like it was nobody’s business. Check out the photos from their show below.

Next time you spot Flames Of Durga on our concert calendar, be sure to catch this trio live.

Photography: Wes Marsala


Flames of Durga

Flames of Durga

Flames of Durga

Flames of Durga

Flames of Durga

Want more photos? Check out the photo gallery below!


Flames Of Durga — “Rabbit Hole”

Flames Of Durga — “Walking Corruption”


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