Listen to GZA’s remix of Hanni El Khatib’s “Moonlight”


After releasing its lead single “Moonlight” with an accompanying video, Hanni El Khatib has now shared GZA’s remix of his forthcoming album’s title track. We rarely post remixes on Grimy Goods because they’re usually just mediocre fillers to hype an album or some sort of artist news, but this Hanni El Khatib GZA remix is fresh! No doubt about it, the original “Moonlight” track carries some heavy swagger, but being “the Genius” that he is, GZA builds on that vibe by lending his deep vocals to the chorus before bustin’ in with a fierce flow. It’s pretty amazing how well suited “Moonlight” was for some hip hop lovin’. The combination of Hanni’s breakbeat drumming and hypnotic guitar chords made for a seamless remix by GZA. Listen to the remix and the original tracks below.

In Hanni’s words, Moonlight is an album that “sounds like if RZA got in the studio with Iggy Pop and Tom Waits.”

“My approach is still the same,” he explains. “Do things you’ve never done before. Challenge yourself. Be free and be creative. The same thing holds true for everything I’ve ever done, whether painting or design or skateboarding or whatever. Do it for the right reasons-exploring yourself. That’s what it’s about.”

Hanni El Khatib is slated to release his third full-length record, Moonlight on January 20 via Innovative Leisure. It’s now available for preorder.


GZA Remix of Hanni El Khatib’s”Moonlight”


Original Version: Hanni El Khatib – “Moonlight”



Hanni El Khatib
January 20, 2015
(Innovative Leisure)

1. Moonlight
2. Melt Me
3. The Teeth
4. Chasin’
5. Worship Song (No 2)
6. Mexico
7. Servant
8. All Black
9. Home
10. Dance Hall
11. Two Brothers

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