Video Premiere: Dead Dawn “Live Near You”

dead dawn

Echo Park rockers, Dead Dawn have released their striking new video for “Live Near You”. Shot at the infamous scenic location, the Salton Sea, the video depicts a group of eccentric young adults rolling up to an abandoned shanty home as they park their El Camino and vintage motorcycle in what’s left of the driveway. While making their dwelling in this shack, front woman China Morbosa summons your attention as she spellbindingly sings a morose tone that eventually spirals into an emotive plea fueled by crashing cymbals and burgeoning guitars.

Slow moving, but intense, — “Live Near You” is quite the suspenseful song, and Dead Dawn’s new video for the track is the perfect visual companion. It’s a beautifully shot video and very representative of some of walks of life you’d find in Echo Park. Not only can Dead Dawn create compelling rock ‘n’ roll, but they look damn good doing it. It’s an extra bonus point that their edgy rock ‘n’ roll / biker style compliments the music they create. We’re loving the vibes.

Dead Dawn’s self titled EP is set for release tomorrow, December on L.O.O.S.E MUSIC via THE MANIMAL GROUP & UNIVERSAL MUSIC. Dead Dawn are founding members China Morbosa (vocals), Abilene Fawn (guitar), Gabriel Rebagliati (bass) and Dave Vega (drums).



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