6 Stylishly Hot Hairstyles You Must Try This Winter


Barrettes & Bobby Pins — Get rid of your ratty old rubberbands and sass up that ponytail by sealing it with a barrette, instantly a more stylish smoother finish. Bobby Pins: rule one, don’t be basic, tap into your inner craftarella and create triangles, arrows, lines and the like.

Triangle Barrettes_DesignLoveFest_500pxw
Photo Source: Bri Emery / DesignLoveFest


’60s Mod Made More Modern — Wrapped pony tails, a pronounced side part, and some lift at the base creates the perfect messy prep this winter.

Modern Mod_500pxw
Photo Source: Daniel Sahlberg


Mishelle ParryMishelle Parry is a freelance hairstylist and men’s groomer in Los Angeles. She is the colorist and hairstylist for singer Sia and has worked with celebrities like Mark Ruffalo, Ryan Seacrest and Danny Trejo. She also works on print, commercials, music videos, and has private clients as well.

You can get in touch with Mishelle and view more of her work on her Instagram at @mishyparry.


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