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UK four-piece Wolf Alice brought their throwback grunge vibes to The Bootleg on Saturday night, and it didn’t take any convincing to get the packed crowd to bang their heads throughout the set.

Guitarist Joff Oddie and vocalist/guitarist Ellie Rowsell utilize a number of effects through guitar pedals that give the band their 90s grunge sound reminiscent of Alice in Chains and Silverchair.

Playing mostly songs from their 2013 EP Creature Songs and their upcoming full-length debut due out in June, Wolf Alice proved why they’re one of the buzziest bands headed to SXSW next week.

wolf alice

Despite playing their first LA show at Bardot earlier this year, there was a good portion of the crowd that sang along to songs like “Bros” and the set-closing “Moaning Lisa Smile,” and there was equal enthusiasm shown towards their lesser-known material.

The reverb-heavy new single “Giant Peach” has Roswell’s songwriting prowess at the forefront, with her singing “I don’t tell lies, I just don’t tell the truth,” with Oddie jamming on his guitar.

The show wasn’t without a few technical glitches. Bassist Theo Ellis couldn’t seem to keep his axe strapped on, and a member of the band’s crew kept having to run on to try and adjust and duct tape it tight. That didn’t slow down the pace of the show or frustrate Ellis too much, and he adjusted on the fly rather nicely.

Wolf Alice

The vocal range of Rowsell is impressive. She has a great singing voice, but on songs like “You’re a Germ,” she’s able to scream with the best of them, giving a bit of a demonic twist to it. Those who were there Saturday might have woken up with some neck pain from rocking too hard.

Though this UK outfit is still a tad bit green, they’ve got something special going and 2015 figures to be the year that the American fans get on the same page as the dedicated UK fans that have been on board since 2012. SXSW next week figures to be the place where this band will catch fire — and when that happens, look out.

Openers The Moth & The Flame have progressed nicely since I last saw them open for The Naked and Famous last year. They have a command of the stage and vocalist Brandon Robbins has a unique singing voice that helps the band stand out. There was a solid response as the crowd filled in during their set.

Check out our photos below of Wolf Alice with The Moth and The Flame at Bootleg!

Words: Mark E. Ortega

Photography: Wes Marsala

Wolf Alice
Wolf Alice fans

The Moth and The Flame
The Moth and The Flame

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