Rodrigo Amarante and Kevin Morby light up Teragram Ballroom with sensational sets

Rodrigo Amarante Teragram Ballroom

With his contagious smile, Rodrigo Amarante walked out to the Teragram Ballroom stage to play songs from his first solo album, Cavalo. Originally from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil—but now residing in Los Angeles—fans were thrilled to experience Amarante’s music live. To keep things lively and avoid awkward silence while tuning his guitar, Rodrigo made small talk by telling stories. One of those stories was from he met Kevin. Kevin couldn’t talk at the time and had to respond by writing on a white board, which didn’t stop them from having an extended conversation.

Highlight of the night was when a fan yelled “Hourglass.” Amarante responds with, “You want me to play it? You got it.” Hourglass is possibly my favorite song on the album, from the thin-sounding synthesizer melody heard in the intro, the song’s grooviness makes you want to move. Amarante ended his set with the song “Evaporar.” He then took a bow and smiled at the cheering crowd who were yelling “Bravo!”

Jenny-O started the evening, but due to circumstances out of my control, I wasn’t able to get into the venue at the time. I could just vaguely hear her voice from the front door. I had never heard of Kevin Morby before this show, and was greatly impressed. Morby played some tight folk rock alongside Justin Sullivan on drums and Meg Duffy on the bass guitar. They sounded radiant on stage. I looked forward to seeing more of Moby in the near future.

Check out the photos below of Rodrigo Amarante and Kevin Morby at Teragram Ballroom.

Words & Photography: Manuel Domínguez

Rodrigo Amarante Teragram Ballroom
Rodrigo Amarante

Rodrigo Amarante Teragram Ballroom
Rodrigo Amarante

Kevin Morby Teragram BAllroom
Kevin Morby

Kevin Morby Teragram BAllroom
Kevin Morby

Want more photos or Rodrigo Amarante and Kevin Morby at Teragram Ballroom? Check out the photo gallery below!


Rodrigo Amarante Setlist:
Nada em Vão
Mon Nom
O Cometa
I’m Ready
Fall Asleep
Unfuck The World (Angel Olsen cover)
Wood & Graphite
New Song
Misterio Do Planeta

The Ribbon Idle Eyes
Pode Ser



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