5 Must See Acts at Echo Park Rising, Friday

All the buzz this week is about our favorite annual neighborhood gathering, Echo Park Rising. The thee-day music event, known for showcasing local music, comedians and businesses in our East Side community, is set to kick off this Friday, August 14. The action will spark up on Friday at 3 p.m. across multiple stages located along Sunset Blvd, Glendale Blvd, Alvarado Avenue and Echo Park Avenue and beyond.

With over 300 bands performing, selecting who to see can be quite the overwhelming feat. No matter where you are, you’ll be catching a great dose of music, but we highly recommend you check out our 5 Must See Acts at Echo Park Rising (Friday). Naturally, everyone is going to want to see the more popular headliners—although very impressive—we’re not just about that. Be sure to take the time to see the smaller acts that give soul to our music community and make up a huge part of Echo Park Rising.


1. Death Hymn Number 99:50 p.m. at The Echo


Don’t be scared, these face-painted, bloody T-shirted hellions don’t bite … well, at least not always. But you best believe they will show you a ferocious good time. Good for those that enjoy chaos, punk, weirdness, blues, and rock ‘n’ fuckin’ roll.


2. Veronica Bianqui — 10:40 p.m. at The Acoustic Stage – The Lost Knight

Veronica Bianqui

Unfortunately, we have no music to share from Veronica Bianqui. Actually, we’ve been addicted to her debut EP, but it’s not ready for the public just yet, so you’re gonna have to trust us on this one. Veronica sings backup for Isaac Rother and The Phantoms and plays guitar for The Blank Tapes on tour. She has that classic 60s girl band sound and quite the charming vocals. AND she can sing in another language. Find out which when you see her live. Also, Veronica will be playing multiple stages at EPR. Check the schedule to find her additional set times.


3. Slutever — 5:40 p.m at The Echo


We just caught these fierce garage punk vixens tearing shit up at Riot Grill Fest. AND they had Patty Schemel on the drums. You know a band is great, both inside and out when Schemel joins in on the fun. Slutever will have you bopping along to their catchy riffs song-after-song and wishing you knew the words. Their music is contagious!


4. Lovely Bad Things — 7:30 p.m. at The Echo

the lovely bad things photos

The Lovely Bad Things are a hurricane of pop punk energy on stage. From alternating instruments, to their spastic stage moves and strange facial expressions, watching them live is always a unique and special treat. They know how to rock it, and we never tire of seeing them live.


5. Kera & The Lesbians — 4:50 p.m. at Liberty Main Stage

kera and the lesbians photos

You ain’t never heard folk music like this! Kera and the Lesbians give you the best of both worlds: they chill you with their haunting and hedonistic folk tunes, and can also turn up the heat and melt your brain with their their high energy alt folk sets. They are quite the live experience and not to be missed.


Stay tuned for part two of our Must See Acts at Echo Park Rising. We’ll be posting our Saturday selections later today.


Be sure to join us on Sunday at the Grimy Goods stage at Echo Park Rising. Located at the Echoplex, we’ll be hosting a lineup of diverse acts you won’t want to miss. From punk to folk, electro pop and more—we’re bringing the good time. Prior to the performances we’ll be hosting a motorcycle rock ‘n’ ride leaving from Highland Park and riding out to the Echoplex. For more details about the Grimy Goods stage and the rock ‘n’ ride, check out our preview post here.



5 Must See Bands at Echo Park Rising 2014 (Friday)

Photos: Kera & the Lesbians pack the Echo for the first night of their Echo residency

Photos: Crystal Antlers with the Lovely Bad Things at Bootleg Theater

Photos: The Dead Ships with Death Hymn Number 9 and Death Valley Girls at the Roxy

Grimy T.V. Interview with Kera and the Lesbians


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