Modest Mouse photos

It was a perfect day to be in a cemetery to watch a bad ass concert by a bad ass band: Modest Mouse at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Lead singer, Isaac Brock was a madman on stage, listening to the radio plays of Modest Mouse doesn’t really give you the full scope of what Modest Mouse IS all about. I was thinking of a much more mellow show. I always thought Modest Mouse were great, but Brock really makes the music come to life. He is a one-of-a-kind showman, with very animated facial features and body language. Brock really puts himself completely out there and there are no proverbial walls surrounding him. Exposing all embodies him, Brock lets you in to see his passion for the music he creates. He truly comes out on stage, whereas hearing Modest Mouse on the radio gives no justice compared to their live set. The first few songs were definitely warm up songs, and then shit just really came to life.

The amount of talent on stage was pretty awesome. There were so many instruments on stage ranging from upright bass, violin, and trumpets and most members played multiple instruments which was pretty inspiring to see.

Fans were thrilled. A small mosh pit broke out during a couple songs which I would not have expected but why not, the crowd members had permanent smiles on their faces throughout the show. I am sure that had to do with the sheer excellence of the band’s performance, AND the weed that was circulating through the air.

Modest mouse put on an exceptional performance that ran for about two hours, very much worth seeing.

Words & Photography: Wes Marsala

modest mouse

modest mouse hollywood forever

modest mouse hollywood forever

modest mouse hollywood forever

modest mouse hollywood forever

modest mouse hollywood forever

Modest Mouse hollywood forever

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