Video Premiere: Watch EFG’s captivating new video for “Suzanne”


Photo by Paul Marcus Rodriguez

Los Angeles trio, EFG (formerly known as Electric Flower Group) just signed to LA-based Bodan Kuma and are currently in the studio working on a new EP and a full length record which will be set for release in 2016. The group led by the eclectic guitarist and vocalist, guitarist Imaad Wasif (Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Lou Barlow, Alaska) rounds out their luscious sound with drummer Josh Garza (ex-Secret Machines) and Grammy-winning producer / bassist Tom Biller (Kate Nash, Warpaint, Liars).

In the past at local EFG shows, we’ve always been blown away by the group’s dynamic stadium sound. Describing it as loud would just be the tip of the iceberg. From dreamy numbers rich with organic sounds to fuzzed out bangers that are capable of making your ear drums bleed, EFG also concoct intuitive lyrics that paint a vivid story.

When we last caught EFG live at The Satellite, the band enamored us with their new song “Suzanne”. With a dark and nostalgic new wave sound, “Suzanne” is a moody number with tragic lyrics that can easily consume you. Even in its dark nature, the words and melodies are incredibly infectious.

“‘Suzanne’ creeps up on you with palpable lust,” shares Wasif. “Synths and guitars meld with remnants of feedback and cover you in a groove of dialed up HANSA funk. Drums thump with the precision and restraint of a Donald Judd in a barren desert as an ominous cloud approaches. As the chorus closes in and Suzanne gets near enough to take the singer’s life in her hands, the song ramps up, everything slides into focus and nothing’s uncertain. Whatever lies in store for the protagonist is as dire and exulted as Leonard Cohen’s experiences with the woman of the same name, never able to actually touch her perfect body.”

If that doesn’t paint a vivid picture for you, maybe the video for “Suzanne” will. Created by Los Angeles-based artist Jeff Hassay, the video is inspired by the Czech new wave. “It’s an examination of light, memory, transcendence and the empty dark void of desire that pierces all of our proverbial nut-sacks,” explains Wasif. “Schisms and psychedelic deconstructions serve to ruin the video as well as any opposition to the idea that all things are connected.”

EFG will be releasing a 7″ of “Suzanne” at the end of the month. In the meantime, watch their new video for “Suzanne” below.


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