Watch The Two Tens’ new video for “Ella Don’t Like My Hat” — debut album “Volume” out 2/26

The Two Tens

Los Angeles duo The Two tens are shredding your way with the forthcoming release of their debut album, Volume. The 12-track record is set for release February 26 via Ugly Sugar Records, and its already promising to be a high octane garage-punk banger. You just can’t help but jump and cut loose while listening to this record.

To celebrate the upcoming release, the band has shared the video for the explosive “Ella Don’t Like My Hat.” The video kicks off with The Two Tens doing what they do best: shredding. With Rikki Styxx rolling a fierce beat on the drums and guitarist/vocalist Adam Bones throwing up fists as he comes up from railing a wicked riff, The Two Tens new video then takes you through some performance video mixed in with some hat store creepin’. Watch the video below to see the creeping’ pay off.

P.S. — Adam Bones, don’t you every cover that epic ‘fro with a hat!


The Two Tens Volume

1. Scene
2. Ella Don’t Like My Hat
3. Watching Me
4. Sweet As Pie
5. Dreams
6. Rush Out
7. Care At All
8. Life
9. I Cant Win
10. You Want It All
11. Can’t Pull Through
12. Breathe

Jan. 22 – Yucca Tap Room – Tempe AZ
Jan 23 – Las Vegas, NV at TheDive Bar
Jan. 23 – Dive Bar – Las Vegas, NV
Feb. 20 – Howl – Long Beach, CA
(more dates to be announced soon)


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