Video Premiere: L.A.’s Emily Gold reveals new video for “Love Moves”

Emily Gold

With whispery and lulling vocals that take you back to a sound that was spawned from the new wave era, Los Angeles-bred singer and songwriter, Emily Gold has shared the video for her tantalizing song “Love Moves,” off her 2015 full-length release, Recluse. The song rolls along with a relaxed, yet sensual vibe that slowly pulls you in to Gold’s heartbroken world.

“This happens to be the only song on my album that could be called a love/ break-up song,” shares Gold. “It summed up a college relationship that ended after three years, but from a vantage point of a couple years post break-up. It’s about discovering there are no rules when it comes to love, sometimes it just goes away, people drift, people change and it’s about it being OK to just let the good times remain in memory.”

Gold brings the song “Love Moves” to life with her new video which features dancer, Meghan Sanett. Boasting a cinematic neo-80s feel, Sanett moves delicately and gracefully, while having moments of bold motion. It’s almost as though her dancing mirrors the emotions felt in Gold’s lyrics.

“We wanted the video to reflect how love is an ethereal, immortal thing that can move from person-to-person, and place-to-place,” explains Gold. “We tried to show this through the changing of colors, like different scenery, and with the bubble orb-like things. Thats how love is. When it is in one person and then it goes away, it’s not that love has died, it’s that it has moved.”

Watch the video for yourself below.

Emily Gold recently performed a Galentine’s show at The BlindSpot Project with Pearl Charles and Regrettes. Stay tuned to her Facebook page for upcoming show dates, You can stream her entire Recluse album below, and you can purchase it here.





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