An Interview with Meredith Lockwood of Indie Jams: tasty musical treats you can eat

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Meredith Lockwood, Founder of Indie Jams

Food is the new rock n’ roll, a sentiment echoed throughout the ever popular, growing world of celebrity chefs, recipe blogs galore, hyped up food mashups in the social media spotlight, and the continuous roll out of “must have” kitchen gadgets. The spiciness of Sriracha may give you a similar thrill to that of jumping into a mosh pit, or the sighting of a celebrity chef like Nadia G or Marcus Samuelsson elicits the same giddiness you feel for an up close encounter with a charismatic rock n’ roller such as Courtney Barnett or Cedric Bixler-Zavala of At The Drive In. In addition to our admiration of these massive icons of food and music, we mustn’t forget our local heroes who dish out their labors of love, whether it be songs or food, that nourish our mind, body and soul. Meredith Lockwood, founder of Indie Jams in Los Angeles, does just that with her seasonal, small batch fruit jams, where each flavor comes with a thoughtfully curated musical playlist —a tasty treat for your ears and mouth. These jams don’t just taste good, they rock!

Lockwood found her nugget of inspiration in the fresh fruit and produce at local farmers markets.

“”It made me want to learn how to cook, and after taking a class on jam-making at The Gourmandise School in Santa Monica, I realized that jam is a food with a lot of potential; it can convey many complex and interesting flavors. In trying to create such flavors it dawned on me that I could combine my two loves of music and food, and the idea could be something more than just jam … it could be an opportunity to promote local food and local music.”

She also credits her grandmother’s homemade biscuits as a driving factor in her pursuits. “Growing up, my experience with jam was that most of it was not very good. Store bought jam is filled with unnatural ingredients or too much sugar and the texture or taste was unappealing but my grandmother made awesome homemade biscuits with honey that I loved, so I wanted to create something that could match how good her biscuits were.” Go grandma!

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From that point forward Indie Jams blossomed into something truly delicious for not only the taste palette but also the musical palette of incoming fans/eaters. Lockwood, who is a singer-songwriter herself, discusses her methods for curating the accompanying playlists for each Indie Jam to date — Blues, Punk, Pop and Country jam, as well as her forthcoming Rock, Funk and Soul jams, which have us drooling in anticipation. [pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#FF78FF” class=”fistclass” size=”15″]””I love going to local shows and I have many fellow musician friends, so I try to add as much of their music as possible. I hear about new music from Indie Jams customers, sometimes artists will drop off CDs at my booth … As I develop the flavor for Rock Jam, I’m currently listening to Dead Sara, Courtney Barnett, and my friend Suren Arustamyan who plays the best version of Voodoo Child I’ve heard since Hendrix. When I move on to Funk Jam I’ll be listening to one of my co-writers Eric Zayne…and when I get to Soul Jam it will be King, Blessing Offor and Dani W.”[/pullquote]

Lockwood also toted her delectable Indie Jams tarts at Coachella this year, where she enjoyed a challenging yet rewarding mix of baking, serving the Coachella crowd and catching some fantastic live sets. “The pop tarts are a challenge because all the pastry dough, jam and glaze are handmade. It took the help of a few awesome friends to generate the volume we needed for even just one weekend at Coachella. Once we were there, it was all worth it to see the expressions on the faces of the concert-goers once they tried the tarts and seeing them tell their friends about it, and come back for more.” Even our own Grimy Goods Editor-in-Chief, Sandra Burciaga-Olinger got to try one of the Indie Jams tarts at last year’s LA Food Fest and was singing their praises, “Indie Jams was at the top of my list and they did not disappoint. This trio of jam filled “pop tarts” are called “Pop,” “Punk,” and “Blues.” All three are absolutely delicious, but “Blues” won my heart.”

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When Lockwood got to take a break from the jam-packed action at Coachella, she was able to catch some top notch sets. “I really enjoyed Grimes. She puts on a fun show and there’s always lots of screaming and dancing. My friends that saw Sia said she is otherwordly and amazing (I was in the concession yurt selling pop tarts at the time!). Zella Day was great too and Meg Myers always brings a mix of raw power and vulnerability to her performances that is almost hypnotizing.”

Now that Spring festival season is over, what’s next on the agenda for Indie Jams? Per Lockwood, “The Summer will bring Rock, Funk, Soul, and Folk jam to our playlist of flavors and a few others are in the works. On the music side, I will be doing some collaborations with artists and possibly an Indie Jams sponsored music show or two.”

While we anxiously await these forthcoming flavors, Lockwood suggests the following mouthwatering jam and food pairings to keep yourself satiated. “Homemade biscuits with Country jam, goat cheese and Blues jam; Greek yogurt, granola and pop jam in a breakfast parfait. My husband puts Punk jam on pork tacos and my friend Vanessa Bolden at Garibaldi Goods makes a Negroni with Punk jam that is spectacular.”

You can also keep your ears happy by streaming tunes from the Indie Jams playlists below — jam on!

For more information about Indie Jams, visit Meredith’s website here.


Indie Jams “Blues Jam” Playlist

Indie Jams “Punk Jam” Playlist


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