Video Premiere: Los Angeles chamber psych group Mind Monogram drop debut video “Howls”

Mind Monogram

With two hazy EPs under their belts — each released in March and April of 2015 — Los Angeles band Mind Monogram have shared the video for their gorgeous dream-pop symphony, “Howls.” The song is lush with enchanting psychedelic soundscapes and all but a few enticing croons. If acts like Explosions In The Sky, Tame Impala and Beach House are in your favorites rotation, you’ll need to give Mind Monogram a spin.

What started out in 2014 as the passion project of vocalist/guitarist Edgar A. Ruiz, who wrote/recorded and self-released Mind Monogram’s debut EP Moments in Time, has now come to fruition with the addition of members Christian Caro (guitar), Bryan Mejia (drums) and Billy Azurdia (bass). Together the band fleshed out an April follow up EP titled Maus which features the song “Howls.”


For Mind Monogram’s video debut, the band couldn’t have picked a more perfect song from their solid duo of EPs. There’s just something so dreamily delicious about the comforting vibes “Howls” places on your soul.

Describing their music as “hazy, dark and surreal,” Mind Monogram have delivered a unique video for their first try. “The video embodies holding on to self expression and imagination as we age or begin to doubt ourselves through hardships and the many struggles of life and adulthood,” shared Ruiz in an email interview. “No one can keep you from dreaming and believing in yourself. So dream.”

Directed by Polaris Castillo with visual effects by Antonio R. Lyons, the video has an X-Files vibe to it. Full of suspense (and brilliant colors), watch the video until the end to see it all unravel.

Mind Monogram have a few surprises planned for this summer. In the meantime, you can follow the band on Facebook for future releases and show dates. The band will perform on Friday, June 17 at DBA in Pomona. The show is free and 21+.

Watch Mind Monogram’s debut video “Howls.”

Stream Mind Monogram’s Maus EP and / or purchase it via BandCamp for just $2.99.

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