Song Premiere: Ranch Ghost get things shakin’ with “Bleu” (and a mushroom-eating feline)

Ranch Ghost

Nashville’s Ranch Ghost are hot-on-the-helels of releasing their 10-track debut record, Lookin’ . The album is set for arrival July 1st via Rough Beast Records, but in the meantime, the band has teased fans with another new song. Today the garage rock quintet has released “Bleu,” a poppin’ surf-rock track that is sure to create a pit frenzy. With hazy cow-punk grit, Ranch Ghost thrive in delivering a flavorful blend of rock ‘n’ roll built to make that ass jangle.

Saturated in addictive riffs and sing-along croons, Ranch Ghost’s new song “Bleu” is a fun rock number with quite the interesting story…

“Bleu is the tale of a cat,” shares guitarist / vocalist Joshua Meadors. “Not just any cat, a cat with a fierce love for the street life of wild nip, the neighbors cherry tomatoes, and door to door loving. Caught in the garden snacking upon the sacred fungi she finds a state of mind beyond her wildest feline dreams. It is there, in that moment she realizes a life dependent upon humans must be abandoned for a true animalistic existence. After peaking around 53rd & 3rd she realizes that she’s quite hungry and rather far from home. Forgetting the epic knowledge she’d thought she gained on the trip, she gave in to the hunger and returned home to the human hand that sets the bowl in front of her nose. ‘What a dream!’ she says to herself. (No animals were harmed in the creation of this tune).”

Pet a cat, pop some mushrooms and listen to Ranch Ghost’s new song “Bleu.”

Ranch Ghost have yet to announce any Los Angeles tour dates, but you can get your Ranch Ghost groove on with their new album Lookin’. Preorder it here, and stay tuned to their Facebook for upcoming tour dates.

Hot Band Alert: Ranch Ghost — Get down with their jangle cow punk, debut album out July 1st


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