Mark Lanegan captivates The Roxy with moving performance, Sean Wheeler open with lively set

The Roxy was packed on a Tuesday night when the mysterious Mark Lanegan showed up for a mesmerizing performance. His opener, the rough and raw, Sean Wheeler, sang with soul. He was breaking people’s hearts and connecting to the audience with some folk, blues, and oldies. His warm and lively performance complimented well with the chilling act that followed.

Mark Lanegan doesn’t need to move a muscle when he takes the mic. That’s the brilliance of his performance. He commands the audience to listen with just his lyrics that are full of pain and suffering. His deadly rasp of a voice makes you feel like you’re witnessing the devil. Without a doubt, Mark Lanegan, as always, put on a captivating performance. Take a look at the photo below!

Photography: William Gormley

Mark Lanegan at THE ROXY Mark Lanegan at THE ROXY Sean Wheeler AT THE ROXY Sean Wheeler AT THE ROXY


Mark Lanegan – Harvest Home

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