Nice As Fuck (naf) jenny lewis glass house

Nice As Fuck (NAF) brought the mega dance party to The Glass House in Pomona last night. My god, it was so good. The Glass House was presented a little different than usual with some barricades encircled in the center of the floor, protecting a makeshift stage. With an eager crowd filling in, the venue’s infamous disco ball spun ‘round and ‘round to some hits of the 70’s era.

Jenny Lewis was in the building! Her new project Nice As Fuck just screams super fun. Consisting of Lewis on vocals, Erika Forster of Au Revoir Simone on bass, and Tennessee Thomas of The Like on drums — the women rocked the night. NAF debuted at a Bernie rally if that gives you some insight as to what they’re all about. The crowd at The Glass House spread as the trio walked up center stage to loud cheers. Not wasting a second, the drum count went off.

nice as fuck nag

The next thirty minutes were honestly a blissful blur. Performing tracks off their self-titled debut album, this indie supergroup had me under the impression I witnessed real-life Powerpuff Girls. With songs of such girlish, but also strong-minded and inspiring canter, this only proved so true. Acknowledging present day news, Lewis sang on guns and even ISIS. The energy of NAF and was indescribable.

Jenny Lewis does not let us down as we can only expect as a frontman. She drives such passion in her performance. We don’t see her playing guitar like we’re used to, instead we see her experimenting with keys, pedals and reverb to create such a powerful upbeat sound. The only way I can describe how she performs is like she takes the music in as a drug through her entire being. She interacted one-on-one with the crowd, making the night even more unified. Finishing the very brief but sharp set, the chant went. Nothing mattered elsewhere, aside from the happy rage we all took part in at The Glass House.

Bravo, NAF… That was seriously Nice. As. Fuck.

Words & Photography: Danielle Gornbein


Nice As Fuck (naf) jenny lewis glass house Nice As Fuck (naf) jenny lewis glass house Nice As Fuck (naf) jenny lewis glass house