Song & Video Premiere: Stream J. Marco’s new single “The Void” — an anthemic power pop ballad full of nostalgia

J. Marco

With bold anthemic flavors that make you just want to jump in and sing-along, Nashville–based guitarist/songwriter J. Marco (formerly of New City Savages) is swooning his way into your heart with his new single “The Void.” Sweet and breezy, the upbeat power-pop ballad will definitely pull on your heartstrings as it takes you through your own nostalgic feels of being young. “The Void” is just one of 10 gorgeous tracks off J. Marco’s forthcoming solo debut Myth.

“When I was writing ‘The Void,’ I wasn’t exactly sure what it was about until it was done, shares Marco. “I think a big part of Myth in general is the contrasting of upbeat power pop with darker more morose lyrics. So by the time The Void was done, I realized that it’s really about how we all sometimes get stuck looking back in time through rose-colored glasses. Yearning for the ‘golden age’ of our lives, which feels so tangible, but never really existed at all. It’s very easy to hang on to a romanticized version of the past and let it drag you down.”

From the Misfits to Buddy Guy, J. Marco is inspired by too many great musical influences to name. As a fan of music all of his life, over the years J. Marco has gone through a variety of musical phases. One artist that is always at the top of his personal songwriting hall of fame is Bob Dylan; and it’s no surprise with J. Marco’s rich storytelling lyrics heard throughout his entire album.


“Myth is about letting go of all of the pre-conceived notions of who you are and what you’re capable of, and striving for something bigger than you had ever thought possible. In order for me to make this record, I had to convince myself that I was capable of going solo, and had something to share with people. I think that most people are constantly fighting a battle against their self-imposed limitations, and part of the human experience is clashing against them.  So, Myth is about that struggle.  

With music that is self-described as “big, energetic, and loud” — J. Marco’s forthcoming debut album Myth is all that and more. From the synth-pop heard in “The Void” to the anthemic rock & roll in “Long Way Down,” “Stranger in the night” and “Castaway,” J. Marco has created quite the promising release. If you’re a fan of The War On Drugs, you’ll love J. Marco’s new album Myth. Is has that similar approachable sound that begs for you to sing-along.

J. Marco’s new album Myth is set for release on October 21st. Below you can stream the song and video premiere of his new single “The Void,” along with previously released track “Stranger in the night.” For more music from J. Marco and upcoming tour dates, be sure to visit his Facebook page.


Stream J. Marco’s “The Void”


Stream J. Marco’s “Stranger In The night”

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