Photos: Fool’s Gold Day Off jumps off at Shrine LA with A$AP Rocky, Pusha-T, A-Trak and more

Fool's Gold Day Off

Fool’s Gold Records began Fool’s Gold Day Off as a simple parking lot party in Soho, New York several years ago and it has since blown up to be one of the most badass hip-hop and electronic music festivals on the map. The annual music extravaganza went off this past weekend is coming to  at Shrine LA (Outdoors) with unbeatable performances by Mac Miller, Pusha T, A-Trak and many more.

The eventful day began with rising hip hop artist Madeintyo pumping the crowd with hit songs such as “I Want” & “Uber Everywhere.” Madeintyo had the crowd relentlessly dancing and grooving from the jump. The festival then proceeded with A-Trak’s set. A-Trak eased into his set playing some mellow songs, but really got things popping when he brought out various special guests. He went on to bring out Fat Mankey, DJ Carnage, The Cool Kids, and A$AP Rocky. At first Rocky just came out to dance and vibe on stage while A-Trak was performing his set. but fans went wild when they handed Rocky the mic and began rapping along to “Lord Pretty Flacko 2.” Rocky went out to perform for about another 15 minutes and although he wasn’t on stage for a whole lot of time, he was  the most exciting performance given how lit the crowd went for him.

After A-Trak’s thrilling set came El Presidente, Pusha T. Pusha played classic songs & verses like his “Mercy” verse, his “Runaway” verse, and 2002 hit “Grindin.” Mac Miller came through to close out the festival. With his fourth studio album just released 10 days ago, Mac went on to perform various songs from the hit album and even played old hits like “Insomniak.”

Fool’s Gold Day Off 2016 was insanely good. Check out the action below.

Photography: Brandon Espeleta

Fool's Gold Day Off Fool's Gold Day Off Fool's Gold Day Off Fool's Gold Day Off Fool's Gold Day Off Fool's Gold Day Off Fool's Gold Day Off Fool's Gold Day Off

More Fool’s Gold Day Off Photos Below!

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