Hot Artist Alert: Adam Torres stuns Resident Downtown L.A. with his insanely gorgeous voice

Adam Torres

Adam Torres is Seriously the Best Folk Singer We’ve Heard in a While… Those Vocals!

Albuquerque-bred, Austin-based singer/songwriter Adam Torres brought his warm folk-pop to a polite crowd at Resident in downtown Los Angeles, the arts district’s newest music hotspot. His latest record, the Fat Possum-released Pearls To Swine, is one of the year’s best headphone trips, but don’t let its introversion fool you – Torres packs a wallop live, with help from his backing band of violinist Aisha Burns, bassist/keyboardist Dailey Tolliver, and percussionist Thor Harris (of Swans and the night’s headliners, Thor & Friends).

Downtempo ballads like “Juniper Arms” and “City Limits” had the enraptured crowd holding on to every word, while uptempo numbers “Outlands” and “Morning Rain” got people swaying along. Torres declined to address the previous Tuesday’s political upset (Thor would deliver a standing ovation-worthy speech later that night, with Adam in his band), instead relying on his gentle voice and ultra-tight backing band to soothe the anxious audience into a lull. It was a much-needed escape from the outside world into a deeper, more soulful state – and from the looks of Torres’ face as he shook the audience’s hands at the end of his set, he needed it just as much as we did.

Words: Zach Bilson


Adam Torres’ new album Pearls To Swine was released September 9 via Fat Possum. You can stream the album below and purchase it here.

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Adam Torres


One thought on “Hot Artist Alert: Adam Torres stuns Resident Downtown L.A. with his insanely gorgeous voice

  1. Lindsey Rivera

    Wow thank you for turning me on to this new artist. I just stumbled on to this blog today and you are right, his voice is insanely gorgeous.

    I’d love to see what your thoughts are on Brandon Jenner’s new album that is coming out tomorrow. Check out his website for Burning Ground.

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