The Music Center transforms the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion into a thrilling wonderland of sound and visuals for its latest Sleepless event

Sleepless at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Once again, The Music Center’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion set up a late night of interactive spaces to submerge the senses, as if it were all a dream. Their most recent “Sleepless” installation included dreamlike scenarios all over the space. At the entrance, snow fell from different corners welcomed by music from Light In The Attic, as the audience made their way to various chill lounges, dance floors, video and light installations in between music from Adult Contemporary and Pacific Beach Vinyl. The Interpretation Booths’ live dream readings from experienced interpreters where on high demand with 45-minute wait times. Thankfully, the wait could be easily overlooked thanks to the multiple bars placed along the Pavilion.

A sleepless event is must-see, feel, and hear experience for anyone in Los Angeles, and definitely for those visiting. Stay tuned to the The Music Center for their next event. Trust, you won’t want to miss out.

Photography and Words:  Farah Sosa


Sleepless at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion Sleepless at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion


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