An Interview with Nadia G of The Menstruators — We talk new EP, food, menstruation and superpowers

The Menstruators

The Menstruators — Photo by Tara McVicar

“If it wasn’t for menstruation, you wouldn’t be here…”

Los Angeles feminist punk rockers, The Menstruators have released their debut EP Dead Glitter and it’s quite the “dirty, feral and slutty” experience. Fused with a blistering dose of riot grrrl punk and 90s grunge, the album comes at you like a wild banshee out of hell. With lyrics touching on love and lust, female empowerment and insecurities, The Mestruators have managed to create a catchy rock album with lyrics that will make you laugh and make you sad. Made up of Nadia G (vocals), Rex-L (guitar), Jennie Vee (bass, vocals), and Ale Robles (drums) — these badass women will light a fire under your ass. Whether head bangin’ with fists in the air or just pogo-ing yourself into a dizzied frenzy, The Menstruators’ new Dead Glitter EP will have your body moving in some uncontrollable fashion.

We caught up with the witty Nadia G and talked about the new EP as well as food, menstruation and superpowers. For those of you that may not know, Nadia G is also a chef, host and mastermind behind the Riot Grill music festival and Bitchin’ Kitchen. The inaugural Riot Grill Fest at The Regent (2015) featured Babes In Toyland, Le Butcherettes and of course, The Menstruators. It was actually the first time we caught The Menstruators live. Without a doubt, we were impressed.


What’s your favorite song off the ‘Dead Glitter’ ?

Nadia: “You Belong to Me.” Its a voracious love song all about that obsessive lust you feel when you meet someone you’re crazy about and want to devour. … I mean, eventually we all end up in sweats watching reruns of ‘Star Trek the Next Generation,’ but I’m saving that gem for my next album.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Nadia: Obviously invisibility so I can do strange things to Trump’s hair on TV … and rob insured banks.

Nadia G of The Menstruators

Nadia G of The Menstruators at Riot Grill Fest at The Regent — Photo by Manuel Dominguez

If you were to create a three-course dinner to be paired with your EP, what would the meals be?

Nadia: Lets start with a rum & cherry cola because, well, RUM AND CHERRY COLA. The appetizer would be gnocchi poutine. I’d say this is a homage to my Italian/ Quebecois heritage, but honestly it’s because I’m an irresponsible savage that subsides on fats and disdain. Onwards. For the main dish: a vegan BLT with smoked coconut because half the band is vegan and they gave me shit on our last tour about eating too much deep-fried cheese. Whatever, man.

What do you want your fans and new listeners to get out of ‘Dead Glitter’?

Nadia:  A good, cathartic cry in their car. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.

What are your goals for 2017?

Nadia: We’d love to tour again and get some mainstream media to say: “The Menstruators.” Seriously, the fact that some folks are so disturbed by periods is ridiculous. If it wasn’t for menstruation, you wouldn’t be here, ya buncha taintwaffles.

For upcoming show dates and news, follow The Menstruators via their Facebook and Instagram.

Stream The Menstruators Dead Glitter EP below and purchase it via BandCamp.


Watch The Menstruators’ New Video for “Princess Hollywood”

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