The Drums and Jay Som make winning combo at The Glass House, Pomona

Jay Som

Jay Som at The Glass House

Pomona was the place to be on this past Wednesday night. The ever classy Jay Som began the evening with their glossy and fine slow jams. Songwriter and lead of the Oakland-based band, Melina Duarte is no stranger to recent buzz with Grimy Goods. I last caught her vinyl release show at the Echo in December and prior with Japanese Breakfast and Mitski. It was a real treat to see them open for The Drums, exciting new and veteran listeners at the Glass House with their slow-burning tunes. It was especially rad to hear their latest single “Baybee” off their debut full length record Everybody Works.

The Drums

The Drums

Without further ado, and a warmed up, packed hall, The Drums walked on stage to a roaring applause. It has been a year since I last caught these guys perform. They just get better and better, bringing their beautiful pop fantasy to life. Pomona was lucky enough to catch the first show of this 15-count tour. Frontman and founder, Jonny Pierce is such an icon to his fans. The tall, lanky musician is a true performer of love. Sliding from side to side on the stage in his platform sneakers, he made one-on-one connections. The crowd swayed and pushed with wide grins, singing along to their favorite indie pop hits. Really appreciative of their fans, The Drums made time in the set for a heart to heart thank you. They’re super excited just as we are for their forthcoming album Absymal Thoughts, set for release in June, The Drums are really proud of this newest work and the fans are just happy the three year wait is almost over. They did release the single off the album “Blood Under My Belt” which is only more and more intriguing and adds to our eagerness. Let’s just say we are anxiously awaiting summer to hear the rest of the record. All we can prepare for is more honest and proud music. The Drums are just that unique and we shouldn’t expect any inconsistency in that.

Words & Photography: Danielle Gornbein

The Drums

The Drums

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