A Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Cool Dad

Joshua Tree Music Festival

Joshua Tree Music Festival — Photo: Tom Dellinger

With Father’s Day just three days away, like many of us, you probably have yet to get that special father in your life a gift! Whether for your own Dad or your husband/partner, there’s still time and with Grimy Goods’ Father’s Day Gift Guide, you don’t even have to leave your couch to hook up that special man in your life.

Today’s modern Dad is much different from the Father you may have grown up with. Long gone are the “dad shoes” days, the not so great taste in music, and tech blindness. I mean, even my retired 69-year-old Father has a smart phone and is all over Facebook and WhatsApp (and dude just got with it a couple years ago).

Instead, today we see a bunch of young, hip and fit Dads walking all over Los Angeles with their little bundles strapped to their chests, or holding their tiny’s hand as they cross street. Just hit York Ave in Highland Park on any weekend and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Today’s Father plays a much more supportive and involved  role than the old days. And today’s Father is way more “cool.” He cares about his style, the latest tech gadgets, and enjoying life to the fullest. Sure, he still loves the comforts of an old pair of cozy slippers, but today’s Dad is not the same as yesteryear’s Dad.

As my husband awaits six weeks before going into Fatherhood, I’ve taken note of some of the gadgets, fashion and lifestyle comforts that make him happy. Check out below our Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Cool Dad.

Sonos Wireless Speakers

My husband and I live by our Sonos speakers. There isn’t a day that goes by where we don’t put these wireless gems to use. Control them all through your phone and / or computer. And if Pops is a vintage lover with a sweet vintage media console and speakers to match, he can use the Sonos Connect Amp to play your digi tunes through those vintage speakers. We do it all the time when we’re not spinning vinyl.



Brixton Hat

It’s sleek, it’s simple and it’s stylish. ‘Nuff said.



Polaroid Instax Mini 70

Great for parties, scrapbooking and gifting; who doesn’t love a little dose of nostalgia. Best yet, Dads won’t have to waste time taking endless digital selfies just to appease those types of people that go through 10 takes for the “perfect” selfie.



Arroyo Seco Tickets

This music festival is not for millennial hipsters donning Native American feathers and floral crowns… Dad is gonna fucking love it. Can you say Tom Petty?

arroyo seco weekend



Public Sunglasses

Keep Dad fly with these fresh shades. Each pair of Public sunglasses are handcrafted, polarized and made with ethically and sustainable sourced wood. And did we mention they’re fly AF!





Every Dad needs a cozy pair of house slippers. Just ’cause they cozy, don’t mean they have to be goofy.



Ultimate Outdoors Chair

If that Father in your life loves the great outdoors, he needs an outdoor chair fit for a king. Chill a few beers, kick up your feet and recline that shit! Pro tip: Add on the shade umbrella for a super cool chill.




Say goodbye to those Dad Shoes, Tevas, and / or god forbid, these horrid things. Keep that style game strong for Pops with summer flip flops that are fresh, not frumpy.





Fuji X100F

And if you got the cash to spill, there isn’t one Dad that wouldn’t love this range finder-style camera.



On The Cheap

Charcoal Closet Bags — Because dudes smell … Perfect for a vehicle that gets a lot of use, a gym bag / locker, closet, etc.

Food – What does that special Father in your life like to eat? Bake him something sweet or cook up a fatty American breakfast in bed.

Grocery Favorites — What are your Dad’s grocery must haves? Chips, juice, a brand of soap or shaving cream — whatever they are, purchase a few of them and drop them in a brown paper grocery bag.

Pro tip: jazz that plain brown bag up. Write and / or draw on it, stuff it with some decorative tissue. BOOM.

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