Song Premiere: Francine Thirteen Flaunts Female Empowerment in “The Huntress”

francine thirteen

Photo Credit: Khadijah Grimes

Though she is not new to creating music, the name Francine Thirteen may be new to you. A quick sift through her Soundcloud will enlighten any layperson what her music is all about, namely, feminine power that bucks male narratives. Her latest project is titled “Lust Heals, Give Me My Sin Again,” of which the title track dropped earlier this year. Now Thirteen is back with another taste from the EP, serving up deep bass with a powerful woman at the helm in “The Huntress.”

Thirteen describes her music as ritual pop, featuring mystical soundscapes with specific narrative themes. The concept for “Lust Heals” centers on a re-imagining of the Christian creation story, featuring Adam, Eve, and Lily, the latter of which is based on Lilith, a figure characterized in folklore as a promiscuous female demon. Thirteen frames Lily instead as a strong woman who asserts her dominance and independence, or what we would call feminism out of religious context. In this sense, Eve is a woman seen through the male gaze, and Adam needs no explanation.

“I consider this song to be a hymn that celebrates the sacredness of desire.” – Francine Thirteen

This brings us to “The Huntress.” Synthesized notes dance around a methodical bassline, and her vocals contrast both. The story continues from Lily’s perspective, patiently lying in wait as she plots her conquest. “Oh how she loves the way he screams,” Thirteen sings, adding later, “Sometimes she likes to play with her food.” Though instead of engaging in a sadistic game of cat and mouse, the track is meant to explore female sexuality, a topic that remains taboo even in 2017 AD. Francine Thirteen is breaking barriers with her “Lust Heals” EP, so be prepared for its release this winter.

Francine Thirteen will be performing at the Satellite on November 21st; get tickets. For more information, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

words: Zoë Elaine

francine thirteen

Photo Credit: Khadijah Grimes

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