Video Premiere: Doug DeLuca Hits the Mark With Debut Single

Doug DeLuca

If you’re having doubts about your success or lack thereof, Doug DeLuca’s new music video for “Hit Your Mark” will cheer you up. It tells the story of a door-to-door vacuum salesman trying to score a sale from a married woman who is more interested in scoring…other things. The track’s punctuated guitar work and echoing vocals exude the same ‘70s-era vibe that you get from the bright oranges and greens of the setting. Everything is exaggerated, from the characters to the blood to the excessive grooves, but that’s all the more reason to watch.

“At the time I wrote ‘Hit Your Mark,’ I think I was feeling down about trying to succeed in the music industry as an artist, especially as a new one. It’s hard to break through the noise. You work tirelessly to get one gig, one article, or one person to engage with your art. And even if you book that gig, it doesn’t mean that anything else is going to happen because of it. You have to power through rejection and build up enough wins over time and then maybe (maybe!) something will happen. Obviously with something like music, you do it because you just want to create. Ultimately though, you don’t want to live in a vacuum, and you want the world to hear you.” – Doug DeLuca

Though this song marks a low point for DeLuca at the time, he’s now on his way up. Music has always been important to him ever since he’d get reprimanded for drumming on his desk in school. That is, until he gave up on his dream before he even had a chance to start. DeLuca was intimidated by the industry and assumed he wouldn’t make it, so he pursued a business degree. Perhaps it was fate that landed him a job at Vevo shortly thereafter. At his office, musicians would show up to perform, filling him with a mix of envy and frustration at himself, which turned out to be a great motivator for a life change. He moved to San Francisco to lay the groundwork for a music career, and has since moved to LA to make this his day job. With his debut single, “Hit the Mark,” out now, his future looks promising.

Watch “Hit Your Mark” below. Doug DeLuca will be releasing a new single in January and has a record release show happening at Hotel Cafe on 1/19; get tickets. For more information, follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

by: Zoë Elaine

Doug DeLuca

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