Fenech Soler

Fenech Soler at the Bootleg Theater — Photo: Steven Ward

From the UK, Fenech Soler are making their return to Los Angeles for a coveted show date at the Bootleg Theater on Thursday, March 29. Last February, we caught Fenech Soler’s Los Angeles debut, and boy did they “baptize the crowd in the shimmering grandiose of their synth-drenched tunes.”

Trusty, you won’t want to miss on this show. Fenech Soler’s delicious electro pop is built to make you move and groove across the dance floor. If you want to get your dance on to some colorful and uplifting music, do not miss out on Fenech Soler.

Comprised of brothers Ben (vocals) and Ross Duffy (guitar), as well as Daniel Soler (bass) and Andrew Lindsay (drums), the four-piece wield their upbeat techno-infused pop tunes with an overloading rush of enthusiasm. Waist-deep in the flashy theatrics of the 70s-80s repertoire that their songs seem to have been delivered by time machine from, Fenech-Soler takes the glitz and glam of synth-powered anthems and blows them out into explosive, dance-riot-inciting concoctions.
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Tickets to Fenech Soler at Bootleg Theater are priced at $12 – $14 and the show is 21-and-over. Tickets go on sale Friday, January 19 at 10am. Set those calendar alerts!