A Place To Bury Strangers rip and roar through The Regent, SEXTILE and Prettiest Eyes support

A Place To Bury StrangersA Place To Bury Strangers — Photo: ZB Images

Saturday night A Place To Bury Strangers along with SEXTILE and Prettiest Eyes packed The Regent in downtown LA. Prettiest Eyes an electro punk/space LA band warmed everyone up with bassist/cowboy Marcos Rodriguez’s undulating hips and riffs, while keyboardist Paco Cassanova hid mysteriously behind his locks and focal point Drummer/vocalist Pachy Garcia climbed all over his kit.

Next up, duo Melissa Scaduto (drums) and Brady Keehn (vocals/guitar) who make up SEXTILE were joined by The Entire Universe’s always-energy-packed Jeffertitti Moon. SEXTILE continued the journey into space rock and are self described as primitive post punk for outer space.

A Place To Bury Strangers

There was a noticeable audience surge when headliners A Place to Bury Strangers took the dark stage. APTBS is described as noise rock, shoe gaze, experimental, psych rock and space rock but mostly they are dark, dangerous, loud and unpredictable. The stage was lit by a series of projectors that cast the band in rays of light giving the room the feeling of being caught in a gemstone or leagues under the sea. Through slivers of strobe light it was clear the front of the stage was a dangerous place to be as lights were wildly swung by cords and guitars were smashed. The New York band has a loyal following although recently there have been some changes in the line up.

Always present is the heart of the band guitarist/vocalist, experimental music maker, Oliver Ackermann who is known for creating custom pedals for some of music’s most recognised talent. Ackermann was joined by bassist Dion Lunadon and new member drummer Lia Simone Braswell who was also featured on harpsichord for a moment. Besides avoiding guitar shards the audience was brought into the fray as the band jumped down to be jostled for a while in the waves of fans.

A Place To Bury Strangers are on tour promoting their new album Pinned which was released in April of this year. Definitely a live show that should be experienced (perhaps from a safe distance).

Words & Photography:  ZB Images

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