Seeking success too often feels like a desperate bid for attention. This is especially true in this day and age, when impressions and clicks determine who breaks through and who wallows in obscurity. Local indie rockers Sikemor grapple with this, expressing the conflict in their brand new single, “Leg To Stand On,” premiering exclusively below.

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“A creamsicle dipped in molasses, melting in the summer sun. ‘Leg To Stand On’ is a rumination about fear of failure and conversely fear of success, and what we do to self sabotage.” – Sikemor


Sikemor began in 2012 as a duo but has blossomed into a lush quintet. They channel the gentle sounds of Grizzly Bear with echoing vocals that reverberate freely, creating an experience that could be described as holy. The new single confronts several sides of the same insecurity, as if peering at it through overlapping funhouse mirrors. During the bridge, guitars help overcome the worst aspects of the feeling, but even the outro softens with the realization that it may return in time; at least when that happens, we will be prepared to tear it down for good.

Sikemor plays at the Echo on June 19th, supporting Livingmore at their record release show; get tickets. You can follow Sikemor on Facebook and Instagram.