object as subject

Violinist-turned-punk rocker Paris Hurley has a new project called OBJECT AS SUBJECT, and it is sure to shift your perspective. She and her band–Emilia “Pony Sweat” Richeson, Gina Young, Patty Schemel, and Megan Fowler-Hurst–cut through the bullshit by grinding axes and pounding skins, evidenced on their new single,”Weaponry.” Their debut LP, PERMISSION, is due out August 17th, and the band will perform the following night to celebrate at El Cid; grab tickets.

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“This record is a permission slip to my deepest self, granting her all the allowance and approval she needs to take up space within her own life… It is the permission to be loud, to set my own boundaries, to invest in my dreams, to powerfully see vs. passively exist to be looked at, to own my erotic energy without shutting it down on behalf of what others might do with it, and to take up a whole record’s worth of space with my voice and ideas. It is a practice of granting myself permission to become more of myself in every moment and it is the permission to be unapologetic about all of it.” – Paris Hurley


OBJECT AS SUBJECT is about letting your truest self run free, which begs the question: would your inner voice have the same howl as Hurley’s? On “Weaponry,” she expresses herself with pure raw energy and few words. The lyrics she does manage to deliver are rough like steel wool, each line pointed in a different direction than the last. The track has an energy hazy enough to lose you in its brief two minutes, and fans can only hope for more of that intoxicating essence when PERMISSION drops a few weeks from now.


PERMISSION is due out August 17th on Lost Future. See OBJECT AS SUBJECT at El Cid on August 18th; get tickets. Don’t forget to follow the band on Instagram and Facebook for more.

words: Zoë Elaine