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Girl Friday
Watch Girl Friday’s new video for “Decoration/Currency” Ahead of EP Release and Bootleg Show

I had never heard the phrase “Girl Friday” until a local band by that name came across my radar. It is (was?) a phrase that meant an office assistant who handled many tasks—it was coined at a time when only women were considered for secretarial positions, of course. Watch these bandmates crush the stereotype in […]

Object as Subject at The Satellite
Object as Subject give ferocious and liberating performance at The Satellite

That ol’ patriarchy got ya down? Is it making you want to tear your hair out and your skin crawl? Is it burning a hole through your chest with fiery rage? You my friend are not alone and if you need to vent then you must make it to an Object as Subject show. Paris […]

Kim Zsebe |
object as subject
OBJECT AS SUBJECT Doesn’t Need Your Permission But You’ll Want Thiers

Violinist-turned-punk rocker Paris Hurley has a new project called OBJECT AS SUBJECT, and it is sure to shift your perspective. She and her band–Emilia “Pony Sweat” Richeson, Gina Young, Patty Schemel, and Megan Fowler-Hurst–cut through the bullshit by grinding axes and pounding skins, evidenced on their new single,”Weaponry.” Their debut LP, PERMISSION, is due out […]