Sego mingle melancholy with sublime intimacies in new single “Be Alone”

Indie-rock outfit Sego blend the darkly melancholic with sublime confessionalism on their new song “Be Alone,” letting their heavy emotions grow in the hollowed soundscapes they create. Created at first as part of a film score that part of the band was working on, the song blended pretty seamlessly into their affinity for groggy guitar melodies and digital overlays. Comprised of just Spencer Petersen and Thomas Carroll, Sego has all the glistening intimacy of a bedroom demoed act while also boasting a polished sound. Petersen’s vocals push themselves out of the wide-open spaces that exist between the song’s lagging strums and synth blips, transforming what could’ve been a suffocating atmosphere of despondency into something more kinetic. Against a tumbling percussiveness, all the anxieties and anxiousness jump forward, accentuating all the agitations that come with such isolation–especially when it is, or at least appears to be, self-inflicted.

“I never really know how to be alone,” Petersen lets echo endlessly just as a bit of light breaks through at the end of the song, offering-up a bittersweet revelation on how our society’s rabid fear of being alone has left us crippled by its inevitability.

“There’s a twisted irony in that loneliness is perhaps the most universally felt emotion,” Petersen said of the song. “Particularly given the amount of social connectivity thrust upon us on a daily basis in the modern era. We are solitary individuals, and that’s fine.”

Listen to “Be Alone” below!

The band is hitting the road this summer opening for Vacationer, playing the Constellation Room in Santa Ana on August 2 and the Teragram Ballroom on August 3. Visit their website and Facebook to stay updated on future releases and tour announcements.

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