Premiere: Water Slice Makes a Splash with His Clones in New Video

water slice

Photo by: Michael Tyrone Delaney

Patrick Phillips was always indie, having moved from Portland to LA. Today he values the picturesque outlook at his Echo Park residence and he makes sunny psych rock where he feels most at home. Now working under the moniker Water Slice, a self-titled EP of songs he’s written over the past two years is forthcoming; “This Way” is the first single to get a video treatment, directed by Nick Morr. Watch it exclusively below and catch Water Slice live at the Moroccan Lounge tonight; grab tickets.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#FF78FF” class=”fistclass” size=”15″] “The “This Way” video was inspired by a broken, late 90s era television found in an East Hollywood alley way. From there things quickly spiraled into infinite regressions of the green screen variety including pole dancing, including meat aisle shopping, a “Patrick Wig” and the various Patrick imposters who wore it. Think unlabeled VHS impulse-buy-gem at the Goodwill bins.” – Patrick Phillips [/perfectpullquote]

Think of the new Water Slice clip as a video within a video and you could call it Shakespearean. Several diverse clones of Phillips are perched around LA, one dancing with a pole and another in a shopping cart. Many frames across these timelines feature the same ‘90s water aesthetic, proving that they are all Water Slice, whether they can play any instruments or not. The song’s melodies are crisp from the original’s guitar and with faint synth accents, “This Way” makes for the perfect end-of-summer song.

You can see Water Slice perform at the Moroccan tonight; buy tickets here. You can also pre-order his EP here. Follow Water Slice on Facebook and Twitter.

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