Little Simz Releases Punchy Anthem “Boss” Ahead of Demon Dayz Fest Appearance

little simz

With her new single, North London hip hop artist Little Simz reminds us that she is not just a girl, she’s a boss. The song debuted on television’s current best place to hear new music: Issa Rae’s HBO show, Insecure. “Boss” comes on the heels of another brand new Little Simz cut called “Offence,” which came out last week. Both new tracks will leave you hoarse and empowered.

Little Simz is known for her direct and rapidfire lyrics, and she turns up the heat on “Boss.” It’s littered with punk influences that she has used for her own. The gritty, reverb effect makes the punchy lyrics hit even harder; her most aggressive verse scares away the bassline for a few bars. The other new single, “Offence,” exudes its own steadfast power. “I said it with my chest and I don’t care who I offend!” a chorus declares a few times in the song.

Damon Albarn is known for collaborating with local British rappers for his project as Gorillaz, and he finally linked up with Little Simz last year to make “Garage Palace.” It was not included on Humanz nor the quick follow-up The Now Now, but nevertheless was a strong notch in the virtual band’s discography. It seems reasonably likely that you may hear that song at the second annual Gorillaz-helmed festival known as Demon Dayz, as Little Simz will be part of its limited lineup. Other performances will include Erykah Badu, The Internet, and DRAM. It will take place at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena and Grounds on October 20th; you can find tickets here.

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