bone acre

High desert-based Bone Acre is a powerful story and a new music act fronted by Caroline Heerwagen. When they appear live, they are a quartet comprised of Jason Obergfoll, Adam D’Zurilla, Sean Burgess and Ashley Mendel. Bone Acre plans to put out a full-length record this Friday, after today’s premiere of a moving new music video for their song “It’s OK.” As the album’s second single, “It’s OK” is a twisted tale of misguided consent and tangled expectations. 

Through a vivid work of fiction, Heerwagen works through highly personal trauma. Growing up as the daughter of two military officers, she was taught to repress her feelings. So in her darkest moments, as she endured assault that she confronts in the new record called Oll Korrect, she was alone. “This album has been such an act of rebellion for me,” shares Heerwagen, noting her newfound openness. As far as the time of its release, in relation to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, she says, “Holy shit, I could cry. I have cried! A lot. Who knew three years ago when I committed to this storyline it was going to release the week of a Supreme Court judge being confirmed amongst these allegations? Certainly not me.”

The new single is intertwined with the lore behind their moniker, but it comes from a dark perspective; Heerwagen sees it as her “black hat” side, which she embodies in the new music video.

Read the background on the band’s name and watch the new video below.

“Bone Acre was actually a novel before it was a band. I’ve been writing it for years. It is the story of a little girl who lives in a small town in the middle of nothing where no one goes anywhere. She walks with her little brother every day to school and tries to understand why she doesn’t ever feel like anything is enough. Her house sits on the edge of a forest with a creek running through it, and some nights she goes and sits where the tree line stops in her backyard and just stares into the dark. She presses her eyes hard against it until she can’t feel anything at all and falls asleep.

One day a young man emerges from these woods. He calls to her, and after some hesitation, and without really knowing why she does, she follows him for the first time in her life passed the tree line into the thick woods.

She confuses the rape she endures next as love, as can happen with young girls, and eventually becomes frantic with the idea that she will have to leave her home to be with him. She goes out into the woods to find him, and wanders there alone for days. She comes upon a small clearing in the woods, filled with carcasses of deer and other small animals, and as she looks around her at all the dead things she wonders if she should be sad for the things that have died, or happy for the predator that is fed.

She goes back home.”

Bone Acre will be performing live at Gold Diggers on October 20; grab tickets. If you’re interested in pre-ordering the new album, Oll Korrect, the band has vinyl available on their website. Otherwise, you can find a digital copy on Bandcamp. Follow Bone Acre on Facebook. Twitter, Instagram.