Lending their gleefully anarchistic rhymes to another Hollywood blockbuster, hip-hop duo Run the Jewels have shared their new song “Let’s Go (The Royal We)” which originally made its debut in a post-credits scene in Venom. Adding to their growing repertoire of contributions to various films, Run The Jewels has previously offered their talents to films like Baby Driver and Marvel’s Black Panther, with El-P scoring the upcoming Al Capone biopic Fonzo which also stars Tom Hardy. There’s an inherent kinetic-ferocity to Run The Jewels’ lyricism and cadence that obviously meshes well with the complex stories of various anti-heroes. “Let’s Go (The Royal We)” capitalizes on the rapturous dynamics of Killer Mike and El-P’s mic-switching to brilliant effect, invigorating the duo’s take-no-prisoners sentiment into something delightfully brazen. There’s just a devilish fun to be had whenever RTJ takes ahold of the microphone and the madcap ride they unleash on their latest track, one that twists and jerks around every sharply-spat line, is more than worthy of the silver-screen treatment it’s getting.

Run The Jewels at Shrine Expo Hall, Los Angeles

Run The Jewels at Shrine Expo Hall, Los Angeles – Photo: Steven Ward

Listen to RTJ’s song “Let’s Go (The Royal We)” below!

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