Hot Band Alert: Tangerine are the dream-pop, sun-soaked soundtrack for the romances of your youth

Sleek dream-pop textures and a vocalized 80s sentimentality abound on the debut EP White Dove from Los Angeles by way of Seattle trio Tangerine. Sisters Marika and Miro Justad along with Toby Kuhn have pieced together a particularly sublime brand of sun-soaked pop giddiness for their first release, mixing transcendent new-wave guitar work with gleaming, Madonna-esque vocals. But Tangerine, over the course of their splendid four-song EP, make it crystal clear they’ve no intention of being pigeon-holed into any one particular sound. On “Local Mall,” the EP’s opening track, an alluring wave of glowing guitars and buzzing bass leave the song’s euphoric exhalation of remembered romances awash in a poignant pop-dreaminess. A few minutes in, “Cherry Red” takes on a similar pining for those moments of youth, with shimmering vocals sliding off grungy-riffs in an anthemic fashion.

Whether it’s their glittering guitar work, which continues to dazzle gorgeously in a coy nod to some surf-rock tendencies on “Monster of the Week,” or the beguiling echoes and heartbeat-thumping yearnings in “Lake City,” Tangerine has already managed to sweetly worm their way under our skin and into our hearts. Even after two or two-dozen plays White Dove never loses its luminous sheen, functioning splendidly as both a radio-busting blaster to drive down some palm-tree lined boulevard with or as the backing soundtrack for a trip down the memory lane of your teenhood. The trio has a handful of pre-EP singles out, some of our favorites being “Fever Dream” and the rabidly dance-ready “Sly Moon.” Definitely worth the deep-dive, especially as we eagerly await more music, we’re already ear-marking their eventual debut album to be a cult hit.

Tangerine will be playing The Moroccan Lounge on November 28. Visit the band’s website and Facebook to stay updated on future releases and tour announcements.n’

Watch the music video for Tangerine’s song “Cherry Red” below!


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